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04/20/17 Capturing Success: Paul M Bowers, Owner of Paul M Bowers Creative

This week we interview Paul M Bowers, Owner of Paul M Bowers Creative. We discuss what it takes to be self-employed, how to capture the soul in photography and the future of society. This is a special interview with his son being a co-host.

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03/16/17 Teaching Entrepreneurship: Dr. Kyle Murphy, Pepperdine University

A great conversation with entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University, Dr. Kyle Murphy. We discuss his early life growing up in an entrepreneurial household, the influence on his life and the purpose of teaching entrepreneurship. We also discuss his special connection to Campbell's Chicken Soup!

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02/16/17 LiquidGrids: Social Media Healthcare Marketing

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11/30/16 Activism in the Chicano Community

My guest is Louis Natividad. Luis has been an activist since the 1960's He is born in the U.S. but as a boy lived in Tijuana Mexico. Luis will speak about the cultural Shock he experienced when arriving in the U.S. Luis was a once a director of Chicano Federation. He has worked for different [...]

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11/24/16 Recognize Your Life Altering Moments, Have Gratitude

Soundoff #1 It's busy season in the funeral industry What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday Entering The Vortex Today, we ponder the question of how do your life-altering moments shape you into the person you are today. In Steve's book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, he introduces [...]

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11/23/16 Latinos in World War II

The guest for this show is Gus Chavez former director of EOP at SDSU. Gus has done intensive work with the Latino/a WWII oral history project. As we celebrated Veterans day three was/ not much information about the contributions Latino/a made not only in WWII but WWI, Korean, Vietnam and every war since then.

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11/22/16 Adopt a Marine for Thanksgiving

Suzanne Tabrum, Events and Community Relations Director at Armed Services YMCA, shares about their Adopt a Marine for Thanksgiving. Craig McLaughlin tells his stories of the years he and his wife Danni have hosted our Troops.

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11/16/16 The Dangers of Social Media, Cyber CEO makes Assassination Comments, Costing Him His Company

Guest: Jeromie Jackson, Director of Security and Analytics for Nth Generation Jeromie Jackson is a friend and previous business associate of Matt Harrigan. Matt Harrigan, made some ill advised comments on social media, threating President Elect Trump with assassination. Jeromie provides insights to the personality and the person of Matt Harrigan. A good person can [...]

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11/15/16 A Visit to the Del Mar Races

Guest: Joe Harper, President & Chief Executive Officer, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

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10/24/16 Finding and Building on Your Foundation of Self Worth

Dr. Deniz Armagan, Therapist and Life Improver

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