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08/28/17 Education through Sports and Art, Self Reliance and the Divine Order

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08/21/17 Entrepreneurial School Prepares Students for a Successful Future

Host Phrantceena Tate Halres and Co-host Wade Taylor are joined by Charles Parisi, Acting Chair for the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology. We learn about SET High's mission to teach youth to be responsible, accountable and entrepreneurial.

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08/21/17 Empowering Families to be Self Reliant and Divinely Ordered

Host Phrantceena Tate Halres and Co-Host Wade Taylor discuss the mission of Empowered Family Talk, and its goal of helping families learn the habits and techniques of self reliance, and understand the Divine Order of things. They are joined by Demetrios Meimaridis, of The Coach Tate Foundation, to explain how this show supports The Coach [...]

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08/16/17 MMA Expert Carlos Kremer shares Performance Training and Nutrition

Dr. Deniz had the opportunity of having MMA Expert Commentator and Competitor, Mr. Carlos Kremer on his show to share his passion, relentless perseverance, how he got started in MMA, his training regimen, injuries sustained and his recovery, his customized nutrition program, and advice for young athletes and their parents on how and where to [...]

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08/10/17 Handling Adversity; What Problems are You Causing Yourself; Profiting from Podcasting

Soundoff #2 Steve is off the grid and in the dirt 'Hello' bumper sticker and traffic changed my world Mary's brother is starting a happy movement Kindness is Contagious, 1driveratatime.com What Is Your WHAT? Handling Adversity Mary opens the show with a quote from Wayne Dyer, "There are no accidents in life. Each experience we [...]

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08/03/17 Start Up Success With Neal Bloom

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07/26/17 Premiere Episode – Dr. Deniz’s Mission of Athletic Well Being

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07/20/17 Acronyms For Life

Today we interviewed Charles Parisi and Ed Hiner, and discussed some of their acronyms for life. From ACE to VUCA, you'll find something you can use!

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07/07/17 Energy and the Food we Eat

The beautiful Lindsay Valentine, an aspiring Holistic Practitioner, joins us to expand our consciousness around energy and the food that we eat. We discuss everything from what is energy, to conditioning, metabolic damage, intentions, and education around the way we eat food. This episode is truly a gift of mind expanding thoughts and considerations to [...]

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06/30/17 Energy Independence with Sullivan Solar Power

Daniel Sullivan, President of Sullivan Solar Power, explains changes in solar technology and, more importantly, reduction in cost has exploded the market, for good and for bad. Also go to SullivanSolarPower.com to find out about their big Energy Independence Celebration on July 1st, and their other great events coming to your Community.

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