Old World recently joined New World with the formation of a new partnership between German winemaker Ernst Loosen of Dr. Loosen and Oregon-based Jay Somers of J. Christopher Wines. The new venture, Loosen Christopher Wines LLC, will produce wines under the already-established J. Christopher brand. The venture has purchased a 40-acre property for a new vineyard and J. Christopher Winery on Hillside Drive in Newberg, Ore. As winemaker for the joint venture, Jay Somers will be in charge of all winery operations. Ernst Loosen sees his role as that of an investor who supports the growth of the J. Christopher brand both financially by providing a dedicated facility and an estate vineyard and professionally by contributing additional expertise and Old World insights to the winemaking collaboration.” Website: Dr. Loosen;
When Ernst Loosen met Jay Somers some years ago, they quickly realized that they share a similar taste and passion for Pinot Noir. Ernst

Old World Joins New World
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