James Suckling, the respected journalist and wine critic who spent close to 30 years as Wine Spectator’s European bureau chief, has partnered with Canadian-born filmaker, producer, director, and writer James Orr to launch JamesSuckling.com, an all-access pass to the wine world. The newly launched site focuses on delivering wine information in a cutting-edge style, relying on high-quality video, with Suckling giving subscribers a visual guide to wine tasting that goes beyond simple ratings to include tasting notes, vintner interviews, and rare access to wineries around the world.” Link: JamesSuckling.com;
With James Orr behind the camera, Host James Suckling’s extraordinary zeal and wine knowledge is brought to life in exclusive video content, bringing viewers a firsthand account on all aspects of the wine industry. The focus of the website is to report on many of the best wines of the world through tastings in vineyards and in cellars with winemak

Tasting Reports on 2008 & 2009 Bordeaux
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