We are joined by Mark Itzsow from support.com. Mark shares his insights about what slows down computers. Mark discusses the common problems people have with their computers. Support.com is offering a discount for our listeners…Use discount code wsradio15;
Marc Cohen talks about Maximun PC Magazine’s “Ultimate” computer that costs a whopping $17,238;
Marsha Collier introduces Steve Woda, the founder of BuySAFE who talks about their new BuySAFE Shopping Advisor for secure online shopping.;
Marc talks about the new Blackberry and the PrintStick printer for portable use. Marsha talks about the Sidekick LX and Richard the engineer critiques his new iPhone
Solultions for Common Computer Problems
The 'Ulimate' Computer for only 18K
Computer Security Solutions from BuySAFE
Blackberry, Printstick, SidekickLX and iPhones