This Week on Sportsquawk Saturday with yer guy Doug Young:  stand by for an up close and personal look at the San Diego Chargers, and why they choked last week against the Texans.  Also:  a complete preview of tomorrow’s game in Philadelphia and an Eagle preview from Dave Spadero from  UT sports columnist Nick Canepa ( the fray to break down the state of the Bolts and to look ahead to next weeks game in Tennessee.  And yer guy picks the winners and losers of tomorrow’s NFL games, including his Chargers-Eagles prediction!!

Will the Bolts once again look like dolts and get foiled in Philly??
Just how good are Chip Kelly's new-look Eagles??
UT sports columnist Nick Canepa breaks down the Bolts and previews
Yer guy Doug Young picks the winners of tomorrow's NFL games....