Derek Harp from, tells us about their website, which is a venue where you can trade in (for cash or credit) electronic items that are laying around the house.;
Marc Cohen talk about new online games, Final Fantasy with 500,000 players around the world. Also discussed new DVD release in comedy and family version.; Marc and Marsh discuss the viability of “Trading Assistant” businesses and whether they really pay. Also, they give an overview of the BuySafe bonding service for people who have their own ecommerce websites. ; And, Marc and Marsha offer a tribute to Bill Gates on the occassion of his retirement. Firefox add ons have great advantages. Marc and Marsha tell you about some of the more popular and useful ones. They also talk about the . Marc discussed the pluses and minuses of adding programs to you computer or handheld. ;
Marsha talks about a new website for Broadband (large size)

Cash for Electronics AND The Buzz on Final Fantasy
Benefits to BuySafe, Trading Assistants
Jumping on Add Ons and Upgrades
Medical Privacy and the Web AND Marketing
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