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02/16/18 LOOK MOM! Our team qualified for the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finals!

Meet a finalist team from the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finals! Spencer from Eastlake School in San Diego shares his story. GUESTS: • Tara Taylor – EastLake Middle School Teacher • Spencer – Student and team lead of Qualifying team for MS Finals – SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge • Liz Fraumann, Executive Director, Securing Our [...]

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02/14/18 Understanding Sexuality for Valentines Day!

Meet Dr. Jill McDevitt, "I’m a sexologist, sexuality educator, sexual wellness coach, and unapologetic feel good activist on a mission to radically improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other in the US. I believe that sex should be fun, pleasure is good for you, and free expression of our [...]

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02/13/18 Everything You Need to Know about GDPR; The Science of Smart Communities; Inter-operability in the Home

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02/09/18 Rebuilding Trust with a Sex Addicted Partner

Join Laura as she talks with Mari Lee, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, about being a partner of a sex addict and either rebuilding the trust in the relationship or moving on and rebuilding the trust with themselves.

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02/08/18 SET’s Solving Big Problems: Homelessness and Harassment

This week, the team is joined by Sofia Lowenstein and Haley Williams to discuss SET's Solving Big Problems collective and the co-teaching model, and the measures that students are taking to fight homelessness and sexual harassment.

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02/08/18 Reinventing Paid Speaking – Thom Singer

Thom Singer's been paid to Emcee for the past 9 years. Having spent 20 years in sales & marketing he saw a lot of speakers You can't start off a Tony Robbins A typical client looks like $1.95 and a chicken dinner The 5 words that describe Thom He wasn't in the right place with [...]

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02/07/18 Highlights from the SDMAC Breakfast featuring ADM John Richardson

Randy Bogle, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), chats about highlights from the February 7 SDMAC Breakfast featuring ADM John Richardson, the nation’s Chief of Naval Operations. Bogle discusses the nominations deadline for the 11th Annual SDMAC Achievement Awards that will take place on Thursday, April 5 at the Admiral Baker [...]

02/07/18 Leadership Lessons Learned from the PGA; Lessons for Business Success Drawn from Nature

Co-Host: Laura Watler came to coaching to create greater love and acceptance in her life. In the process, she has empowered hugely transformational shifts in the lives of others. Laura explains, "My coaching specialties mainly focus around relationships. Not only just in the romantic sense but how we may relate to ourselves, our families, co-workers, [...]

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02/06/18 Organic Social Media Marketing in 2018

Welcome to another This Week in Marketing podcast from AMA San Diego! Today's topic is Social Media Marketing in 2018! Our guests are Manish Dudharejia, Co-Founder and President, and Kevin Svec, Senior Copywriter of E2M Solutions Inc.  This podcast is all about tips for businesses looking to take advantage of social media's sweeping changes in 2018. In [...]

02/06/18 A Look at GDPR; The Cloud and Interoperability; Interoperability, Ag, and Smart Cities

Vulnerability in security of IoT devices and new regulations. infrastructure, interoperability, smart cities, and agriculture and bio-systems engineering.

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