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06/21/17 Spotlight on the Support The Enlisted Project (STEP)

06/21/17 Reviewing the ACTO Conference and Previewing the Culture and Power Summit

Guest 2: The President of Power for Life Coaching, Professional Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Halli MacNab, is a graduate and affiliate of the rigorous and acclaimed, International Coach Federation-accredited coaching training program, Accomplishment Coaching in Seattle, Washington. Halli brings powerful insight, brilliant intuition, a playful sense of humor, tenacity, loyalty, a calm sensibility and [...]

06/20/17 Analytics All Aboard; Untapping IoT Potential; Nurturing Smarter Healthcare; Sparking Energy Conservation

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06/20/17 Summer Safety; OSHA Safety Rules; Equipment Safety; Safety Technology

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06/20/17 Personal Branding

The commonly-held definition of personal branding is an outward-facing one involving projecting an impression of oneself toward customers, associates and the public. But there's another definition favored by Katy Goshtasbi of Puris Personal Branding. Katy argues that there's an introspective component to personal branding that's even more important. To be successful in almost any line [...]

06/17/17 Tech News: Amazon, Android Travel, Foxconn, Glovax, E3, Free Travel Perks, Movies

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06/17/17 United States Air Force Cyber Command – A Peek Inside

Guests: Liz Fraumann, executive director, Securing Our eCity Foundation Maj. Gen. Sheila Zuehlke, United States Air Force (Ret.)

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06/15/17 When Your WHAT Is Altruistic; How to un-teach your ego

Soundoff #1 Steve was wrong! The fate of Mr. Bill Cosby Mary's jury duty experience I-Anal: guilty until proven innocent What Is Your WHAT Wednesday When Your WHAT Is Altruistic Steve and the Reinvention Radio Crew tackle the question of if your WHAT is something that is altruistic and not income generating, how does one [...]

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06/15/17 Reinventing the Nice Guy – Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler 1... Do nice guys finish first or last? Let love rule or let love drool Doug's bar mitzvah DJ fiasco Taking charge in a non-ego way 2... Is it too late to get into podcasting? Mainstream media is losing a foothold Audio is king Podcast equipment to get started 3... Monetizing a podcast [...]

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06/15/17 Entrepreneurship Academy

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