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02/17/17 Internships, Jobs and the Education Community in Cyber Security

Guests: Liz Fraumann, Executive Director, Securing Our eCity Foundation Teresa Macklin, Associate Dean and Information Security Officer, California State University San Marcos

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02/16/17 Facebook Video Marketing Trends in 2017

Social media is all the rage for digital marketers and no channel is commanding more attention than Facebook. Whether you leverage the platform's organic potential or make it part of your paid media arsenal, Facebook has the potential to drive your awareness, engagement and conversions through the roof. But what is the single best way [...]

02/16/17 LiquidGrids: Social Media Healthcare Marketing

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02/16/17 Independent Pharmacists Learn at the PDS All-Star Super Conference

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is proud to announce the 13th Annual Together Towards Tomorrow All Star Super-Conference February 23-25th, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. This event is a call-to-arms for independent pharmacy owners. We will share proven pharmacy solutions to increase your profits, improve your operations while connecting you with thousands of like-minded pharmacy entrepreneurs, reputable [...]

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02/16/17 HR INSIGHTS Hour salutes @WHRDC25

HR INSIGHTS Hour salutes @WHRDC25 The World HR Development Congress 25th birthday. FREATURING SAAGRIKA RAI AND SK DUTT live from Mumbai India

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02/15/17 Ceremony for Designating San Diego an “Official” Coast Guard City

02/15/17 Ethical Coaching

Guest: Dr. Michael Marx, head of ICF’S ethics Communities of Practice.

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02/14/17 How Does Business Coaching Work and How will it Help my Business

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02/14/17 The Tell-All on Telematics; Smart City Check-In; New Data Onsite; One Fleet Forward

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02/14/17 Heavy Construction; 3D Printing the Future; The Future of AR; Drones at the Jobsite

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