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11/21/17 A Remote Healthcare Revolution; Industrial Realizations of IoT; Smart Devices Get Cool; Side Hustle for Innovation

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11/16/17 Charles Quirk and Jeff Carver: First Impressions and the Wonders of Work Ethic

This week, the team, along with Jeff Carver (, talk with Charles Quirk, a veteran attorney, and discuss intriguing topics involving law, persuasion, and efficiency.

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11/16/17 Go With Your Gut – Making Decisions You Can Trust

Mary talks about her popular signature decision-making process. Super simple to learn and understand though we all need reinforcement, which we get right here!

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11/15/17 The Navy through the Eyes of a future Nuclear Tech

Randy Bogle, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, is joined by Peyton Self, a banker from Oxford, Mississippi, and his son, Henry, a Navy Ensign, to chat about today’s SDMAC Breakfast keynote speech of RADM Christian “Boris” Becker, Commander of SPAWAR. Bogle and the Self’s chat about Henry’s goal of working on [...]

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11/15/17 The 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study

Guest Co-Host: Kacey Cardin is a Life, Leadership, & Business Coach, and a Creative Multipreneur. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, and Accomplishment Coaching, she maintains a flourishing private coaching practice, while also serving as a Mentor Coach with Accomplishment Coaching and traveling the globe as a singer/actor and writer/producer. Kacey's clients [...]

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11/14/17 Business Exit – Transition – Succession Planning … “Watcha Gonna Do?”

For every entrepreneur, at some point they need to come to grips with a very important question. That question is, "what happens to this business if I am killed, disabled, and especially, one day want to retire from - or pass the business to - family, the management team, the employees or a combination thereof?" [...]

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11/14/17 Awareness for the Greater Good; Habits in Healthcare; Data Pushed to the Edge; IoT at Sea

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11/10/17 From We Will to At Will – my personal journey from Military service to SHRM

Our Guest Mr. Andrew Morton, Director of Social Engagement for SHRM shares his journey from military to civilian employment and on this Veteran's Weekend, shares his personal as well as professional challenges and opportunities. He shares the SHRM perspective on supporting Veterans in Transition and discusses all the good works that our chapter and chapter [...]

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11/09/17 Consumer Relationships and the Golden Rule with Frank Hermes and Jeff Carver

In this episode, we speak with Frank Hermes and Jeff Carver about the Golden Rule, and it's application in business, relationships, and everyday life.

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11/09/17 Uplifting News; There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!; What is the nature of my soul?

Soundoff 1 A news channel that only has uplifting stories If the Vikings lost the Super Bowl the office goes crazy The brain is the crow's nest The Texas church massacre building set to be burned to the ground What Is Your WHAT Wednesday There's a light at the end of the tunnel Steve shares [...]

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