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04/21/17 SOeC Cyber Boot Camp and Why Businesses Should Care

Educating and training our future cyber defenders and leaders is key for the future of our community and the nation. Securing Our eCity Foundation (SOeC), with assistance from ESET North America, SDG&E, General Atomics and many other companies in the San Diego Region, understand this and actively support the SOeC Cyber Boot Camp. In the [...]

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04/20/17 Happy 4/20, Support the EPA, Create an Extraordinary Life, Better the Devil You Know

Soundoff #1 4/20 cannabis culture The legalization of marijuana across Canada Where did 420 come from Comparison of alcohol to pot Would you invest in a cannabis related business? Soundoff #2 Smoke and air quality EPA budget cuts Unhealthy short-term particles 6 of the top 10 cities for poor air quality are in California What [...]

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04/20/17 Reinventing Being a Great Podcast Guest – Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland 1... Acronyms and more acronyms Nicole's journey from correctional officer to podcaster Time to walk away 2... Taking the leap of faith Her job made her physically ill and she was not motivated at all Bringing it back to coaching Becoming the person she was searching for 3... What does it take to [...]

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04/20/17 Meet the SBA Award Winners

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04/19/17 Help the SDMAC Foundation Support Deserving Students

04/18/17 Shifting Gears in Distracted Driving; A New Driving Test ; Distractors Anonymous; Breaking in New Innovations

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04/18/17 Legal Help and More for Small Offices and Entrepreneurs

Barbara's first guest, Nait Patel, is Co-founder/Co-CEO of Should I Sign, Inc., which is a company on a mission to streamline access to legal services for startups and small businesses. Her second guest, Jeff Zbar, is founder of Chief Home Officer, and is a home-based writer and consultant specializing in entrepreneurship and home officing.

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04/18/17 Marketing Made Better By Data

Marketers tend to be intuitive folks. We generate hypotheses to serve as starting points for our marketing campaigns and then test them to find the best path forward. But why guess when you can use data as your launchpad? That's what Kirsty Nunez, President of Q2 Insights, wants to know. Kirsty joined guest host Mike Matamala, [...]

04/18/17 LiDAR market; Construction Technology; Job Site Smart Tech; Job Site Safety

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04/18/17 “Domestic Abuse; Obamacare Insanity Part 2”

Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke had a show last Tuesday April 11th that touched on domestic violence and the "dark side" of obamacare!!...This show called "Domestic Abuse; Obamacare Insanity Part 2, This is what a good American can do to change these events?",shines a spotlight again on these timely subjects... Radio talk show host, Doris [...]

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