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09/15/17 FSB Core Strategies Win for You

Guest: David Murillo, SD-SHRM Executive Director

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09/15/17 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge – On Solid Ground

GUESTS: • Laura Lee, Executive Vice President of Cyber Training & Assessments • Liz Fraumann, Executive Director, Securing Our eCity Foundation

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9/14/17 Leticia Barr, Founder of Tech Savvy Mama

Leticia Barr, founder of the award-winning blog, Tech Savvy Mama, joins Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, for another great episode of PRfect Pitch! On this episode of PRfect Pitch Radio, Leticia and Nicole discuss all things blogging, media relations, and social influencers, and how PR touches all of those industries. Leticia tells [...]

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09/13/17 SDMAC and San Diego Regional Chamber Visit Washington, D.C.

09/13/17 Youth Advocacy and Teaching Millionaire Manners

Guest Host: Mick Carbo, Founder and head coach of Carbo Coaching, brings to the table his 19 years of experience navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. He helps entrepreneurs and business leaders effectively grow and lead their teams to victory. Through Mick’s coaching, leaders learn how to think bigger, be bigger and create unprecedented results. From [...]

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09/12/17 Nations Develop with IoT; Repurposing Smart Building; Business Models Transform; Critical Points in Infrastructure; Critical Points in Infrastructure

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09/09/17 Sports Tech, Huawei, Equifax, Huawei, Mercedes, Yesgo, IoT, Apps, TV … Streaming and more!

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09/06/17 The Present and Future of Coaching

Guest Host: Jason Dukes is an innovator in personal transformation. As the founder and CEO of Captain’s Chair Coaching (, Jason focuses on bringing peace to the world by helping people embrace their Gift and Give It To the World. Like many people in this work, Jason's impact has evolved over time. For Give Your [...]

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09/05/17 Speaking with the Streets; Just in Time Innovation; Riding the Manufacturing Wave; Enterprise Gets a Boost

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09/05/17 State of Marketing Report

On August 24, 2017, AMA San Diego published its 2017 State of Marketing Report - The San Diego Perspective. The report followed qualitative interviews with 32 marketing leaders from 38 area organizations. The organizations represented many sizes across a wide swath of industry sectors, from hospitality to community group, from consumer product to technology. We [...]