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The Ready, SET, Soar Hour is where brilliant entrepreneurs tell their fascinating journeys. The show is presented by The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology, a tuition free charter school creating the next generation of global thinkers, leaders and innovators

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03/23/17 Capital Funding: Robert Baizer, Principal, Veraison Capital Management

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03/16/17 Teaching Entrepreneurship: Dr. Kyle Murphy, Pepperdine University

A great conversation with entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University, Dr. Kyle Murphy. We discuss his early life growing up in an entrepreneurial household, the influence on his life and the purpose of teaching entrepreneurship. We also discuss his special connection to Campbell's Chicken Soup!

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03/09/17 Driving A Passion For Reading: Emily Moberly, CEO, Traveling Stories

In this show, we chat with Emily Moberly, the award winning CEO of Traveling Stories, a non-profit with an amazing mission: create a love for reading in all children by the 4th Grade. We discuss the low literacy rates in many young minds and the need to provide access to books, inspire a love for [...]

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03/02/17 BrandMan: Winning Ideas From Les Kollegian, CEO, Jacob Tyler

This episode we catch up with the award winning CEO of Jacob Tyler, San Diego's very own BrandMan, Les Kollegian. We discuss the purpose of marketing and branding, the challenges of being both creative and running a business and the important old school selling style of meeting in person. In a world gone digital, meeting [...]

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02/23/17 Eco-Preneurship: Turning A Core Passion Into Business Success

Super successful serial entrepreneur discusses passion, the importance of knowing your customer, the essential nature of understanding cash flow and other tips for would be entrepreneurs. You'll also learn how the passion that has resulted in seven successful start-ups also permeates her personal life, whether it is racing cars or motorcycles! The lesson: put your [...]

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02/16/17 LiquidGrids: Social Media Healthcare Marketing

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02/09/17 Passion, Purpose, Journeys: Talking Education With Peter Sibley and Drew Schlosberg

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02/02/17 Father Joe Carroll On Social Entrepreneurship

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01/26/17 First, Fast, Fearless: How To Lead Like A Navy SEAL

Ed Hiner, best selling author, leadership consultant, and a retired 20 year Navy SEAL charged with basic and advanced training for the Navy SEALs on a national level, discussed key principles of leadership. Mr. Hiner discussed The Brand, The Brotherhood and The Battle Rhythm and how to businesses can apply accountability, expectations, mission setting and [...]

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01/19/17 Financing Your Business: Thoughts From A Lender and An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Guests: Elizabeth Schott, CEO | Accion San Diego Christine McDannell, Founder & President | Eco Chateau Wellness Spa

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