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Reinvention Radio —where ‘normal’ comes to die; ‘mediocrity’ meets its final demise;
and, ‘the status quo’ is unabashedly dismantled.

Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author of
“What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do”;
Founder and Chairman of; creator of The Reinvention Workshop;
and 25+ year entrepreneur who has built several multimillion-dollar businesses, scours the planet to bring you the world’s foremost social, business, political, technology and scientific disruptors.

Each guest boldly reinvents average, obliterates the limits of possibility, challenges the accepted,
and forges daring, cutting-edge paths.
Steve’s no-holds-barred, unapologetic exploration of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next will unequivocally expand your knowledge, massively impact the trajectory of your business (and your life),
and empower you to achieve financial, spiritual, and emotional freedom.

08/17/17 Go Universal or Niche?; How do You Satisfy the Ache Inside; Getting Your Content Discovered by A.I.

Soundoff #2 Is the eclipse a big thing? Poke yourself in the eye with that! We rotate in a circle A lesson on the solar system Tweet this: "If the sun goes in front of the moon, we're fucked!" @RichardOtey What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday Create something universal... or niche? Steve tells of how his [...]

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08/17/17 Reinventing Your Voice – Per Bristow

Sound Off #1 The strange world we live in George W Bush is looking better The President's reaction to Charlottsville They came with the intent to be violent Per Bristow 1... Per is a variation of Peter The internet opened new roads From prodigy violinist to Rum Tum Tiger He is constantly evolving and reinventing [...]

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08/10/17 Handling Adversity; What Problems are You Causing Yourself; Profiting from Podcasting

Soundoff #2 Steve is off the grid and in the dirt 'Hello' bumper sticker and traffic changed my world Mary's brother is starting a happy movement Kindness is Contagious, What Is Your WHAT? Handling Adversity Mary opens the show with a quote from Wayne Dyer, "There are no accidents in life. Each experience we [...]

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08/10/17 Reinventing Resilience – Izzy Ezagui

Soundoff #1 We sound off, for sure People who suck Let go of the jerky-ness Is it okay to fire a client? Izzy Ezagui 1... Volunteered at age 18 to join the Israeli Defense Forces Raised in the America in a Jewish home Even after losing a limb he wanted to return to combat 2... [...]

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08/03/17 Your WHAT Has Chosen You; Resilience Strengthens your Soul; Most people are doing Twitter wrong

Soundoff #2 Does Trump get impeached or stay the term? It's been 6 months already! Finding the most engagement on social media What Is Your WHAT Wednesday Your WHAT Has Chosen You In his book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do Steve points out that on the [...]

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08/3/17 Reinventing the American Dream

Soundoff #1 Richard is back in da house! Rich's Comic Con Adventure Lines for the lines Game of Thrones Experience Toan Lam 1... He was born in Vietnam, came to the U.S. at 8 months old 10 to a trailer; $4 in their pocket Inspiring people to do better and be better The American Dream [...]

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07/27/17 The Money Side of the Equation; Getting Out Of Your Own Way; Creating Community And Raising Money

Soundoff! 2 Trump and Transgenders in the military Snowden, the movie -- was it treason? Transition... transgender What Is Your WHAT Wednesday The Money Side of the Equation Steve kicks off a discussion about Jeff Bezos now surpassing Bill Gates on total net worth. How do you turn a website into $91 billion? Amazon is [...]

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07/20/17 Reinventing a Music Career – Tiamo De Vettori

Soundoff #1 I'll have a glass of De Vettori OJ Simpson gets parole - free of the cruise ship with barbed wire Chester Bennington from Linkin Park hangs himself What matters is how you feel when you're home alone Resource: SOLOS - Survivors of Loved Ones to Suicide Tiamo De Vettori 1... A 5-month [...]

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07/27/17 Reinventing Suicide Stigma

Soundoff #1 Summer in San Diego Summer school by choice? Keeping the kids engaged... chores over video games The shift in money mindset Reinventing Suicide Stigma The suicide epidemic is prevalent across the nation. The problem is... no one wants to talk about it. In this episode we talk with Marybeth who shares the story [...]

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07/20/17 The Importance of Nurturing Relationships; Change your Energy to Achieve Success; Profiting From Podcasts

Soundoff #2 The many looks of Lena A week in New York for Steve & Lena's 20th anniversary What to do in New York Joey Chestnut eats 72 hot dogs to win the Nathan's contest What Is Your WHAT Wednesday The importance of nurturing relationships On the heels of his 20th anniversary getaway with wife [...]

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