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Reinvention Radio —where ‘normal’ comes to die; ‘mediocrity’ meets its final demise;
and, ‘the status quo’ is unabashedly dismantled.

Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author of
“What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do”;
Founder and Chairman of; creator of The Reinvention Workshop;
and 25+ year entrepreneur who has built several multimillion-dollar businesses, scours the planet to bring you the world’s foremost social, business, political, technology and scientific disruptors.

Each guest boldly reinvents average, obliterates the limits of possibility, challenges the accepted,
and forges daring, cutting-edge paths.
Steve’s no-holds-barred, unapologetic exploration of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next will unequivocally expand your knowledge, massively impact the trajectory of your business (and your life),
and empower you to achieve financial, spiritual, and emotional freedom.

05/18/17 Suicide, Life, and What Happens when We Die?

Soundoff #1 Chris Cornell takes his own life Inward vs outward success People look at depression as a choice Never do cocaine if you can afford cocaine Reach out to others - share what ails you - tell them you care National Suicide Hotline Number: 800-273-8255 Soundoff #2 Choose your belt Arrogance, delusion, and other [...]

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05/18/17 Reinventing Becoming a Millionaire – J.V. Crum III

New Media Minute - Mobile apps with JV Crum New Media Summit Icon of Influence, JV Crum from Conscious Millionaire, joins the Reinvention Radio Crew for a discussion on mobile apps and apps used to publish podcasts. Mobile apps are definitely one of the largest ways to consume new media. JV shares a new podcast [...]

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05/04/17 Gifts from the Dying, Don’t Focus on the Problems, New Media Minute – Video

Soundoff #2 100 days in... how are folks feeling about the economy? The San Diego real estate market I could care less, it's not happening in my house The stock market growth and futures... anticipating deregulation What Is Your WHAT Wednesday Gifts from the Dying Steve engages Mary in a discussion around a recent trip [...]

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05/04/17 Reinventing Selling

Soundoff #1 The Kentucky Derby and feeling bad for the horses May the 4th be with you Steve shares the blue milk recipe and a trick Starbucks for Star Wars Christopher Cumby 1... Do you believe we're always selling? THIS is an unnecessary emotion... get rid of it! We all have the gift of selling [...]

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04/30/17 Reinventing Being a Solo Entrepreneur

Michael O'Neal 1... He says he's unemployable Keep the shirt. Get rid of the wife. Michael's turning point The journey of his parent's ashes 2... He landed in Denver with $14 in his pocket Using social media to grow your business The seed is planted for podcasting Tips of solopreneurs 3... Never a better time [...]

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04/30/17 Can You Change Your Thoughts?; Is that my gut talking?

Soundoff #1 Quotes from Ann Coulter Thoughts from the RR Crew on free speech Should you say it just because you can? Moral bullies and your views are different Soundoff #2 Delta kicks a guy off for going to the bathroom Covered wagons and dysenteries United changing policy All passengers get a red solo cup [...]

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04/20/17 Happy 4/20, Support the EPA, Create an Extraordinary Life, Better the Devil You Know

Soundoff #1 4/20 cannabis culture The legalization of marijuana across Canada Where did 420 come from Comparison of alcohol to pot Would you invest in a cannabis related business? Soundoff #2 Smoke and air quality EPA budget cuts Unhealthy short-term particles 6 of the top 10 cities for poor air quality are in California What [...]

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04/20/17 Reinventing Being a Great Podcast Guest – Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland 1... Acronyms and more acronyms Nicole's journey from correctional officer to podcaster Time to walk away 2... Taking the leap of faith Her job made her physically ill and she was not motivated at all Bringing it back to coaching Becoming the person she was searching for 3... What does it take to [...]

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04/13/17 The Power of an Apology; What are You Capable of? New Media – Audio

Soundoff #2 Own your platform If you were the CEO of United Enforcing the rules What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday The Power of An Apology In light of the recent incident on United Airlines, Steve gives thought to being responsible and responsibility going hand in hand when something goes wrong in your life. Steve shares [...]

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04/13/17 Reinventing Your Mindset – Martin Lucas

Soundoff #1 Steve is like an onion The Jewish Seder explained It rained frogs and Steve's secret brisket recipe The ultimate reinvention Martin Lucas 1... The science of thought & happiness You have to go to the source of the mental health issues Self-actualization 2... Can you regain your brain? 11 Steps to Happiness You're [...]

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