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Digiplex Destinations Hazard Center, Carmel Mountain Reading Theater, Military Auto Center, Bill Luther Realty, California Listing Service, La Blanc Construction, Intelligent Office La Jolla, Surfside (Solana Beach)Dermatology & Hill Crest Dermatology, Dr. William Heimer; Postal Annex Liberty Station, North County, Coastal, East County and South County On the Show: Host “Radio Jack” Warren Real Estate Expert Bill Luther Tax Expert Brian Livesay Car Guy Doug Bishop

12/19/16 Farm to Table; Change Your Behavior; Handicapping the Horses; Radio Jack is Back

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10/19/2015 Cars;S D Futures Foundation;Paycation; SD Gulls

  The Car Guy, Doug Bishop  CEO Gary Night SD Futures Foundation  Aldrin S. Wood Travel Consultant PAYCATION  Jonny Nevada, Host of San Diego Gulls on the Talk of San Diego

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9/28/2015 News you can use!


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9/14/2015 Cars, Pets & More

     Doug Bishop   Dr. Deo

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8/31/15 Cars Shipped, Bio Tech, Sweedish Chamber in San Diego

  Doug Bishop the Car Guy with Radio Jack Sweedish Chamber  Jimmie Bergren Pres and CEO  with team members Lilav Marketing and Anna Events with Radio Jack    

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8/17/15 Vet Jobs,Wheel Chair Dance, Solar


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8/3/15 Car Guy Answers, Home Remodeling Help from LeBlanc Construction

 Doug Bishop "Our Car Guy"    Lonnie LeBlanc Construction  

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07/27/15 Feral Cat Rescue, Media Guy

 Dr. Deo South Bay Vet Hospital  Feral Cat Rescue Mesha Tomlinson  Johny Nevada The Media Guy

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6/1/15 Mission Federal JA Park, CCA, Cars

  Mission Federal Junior Achievement Financial Park   Neville Billimoria SVP Membership Mission Federal  Doug Bishop "Our Car Guy"  California Chiropractors Association President Brian Stenzler D.C.

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05/18/15 Rolfing, Autism, Car Tips

 Dan Gilbert on Rolfing  Addie Merril Founder of Fitt Club for Autistic Kids Doug Bishop "Our Car Guy"

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