Supporting our San Diego Military with SDMAC

//Supporting our San Diego Military with SDMAC
We Can Never Support Our Troops Enough. This Show, Hosted By Drew Schlosberg, Community And Public Relations Director For The San Diego Union-Tribune, Is In Partnership With The San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), A Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Supporting, Promoting, And Representing The Common Business Of The Military, Its Quality Of Life, And Defense Industry Community In San Diego.

09/13/17 SDMAC and San Diego Regional Chamber Visit Washington, D.C.

08/30/17 Discussing Ship Collisions, Affordable Military Housing, Unmanned Air Systems

08/23/17 NDIA Gold Coast Conference and Propel San Diego

Randy Bogle, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, talks about the September 20 SDMAC Breakfast which will now feature the keynote speech of the Vice Chief of Naval Operations—ADM Bill Moran. Bogle talks about the recent NDIA Gold Coast Conference and Propel San Diego’s participation; and the October 27 rollout of the [...]

08/16/17 Naval News, Fleet Week Preparations

08/09/17 The Veteran and Military Entrepreneur Awards

07/26/17 Spotlight on Fleet Week San Diego

07/19/17 Discussing the Base Voting Act and Propel San Diego

07/12/17 Battlefields to Ballfields, Veterans in Sports

06/28/17 2017 SDMAC-sponsored Military Economic Impact Study

06/21/17 Spotlight on the Support The Enlisted Project (STEP)