Supporting our San Diego Military with SDMAC

//Supporting our San Diego Military with SDMAC
We Can Never Support Our Troops Enough. This Show, Hosted By Drew Schlosberg, Community And Public Relations Director For The San Diego Union-Tribune, Is In Partnership With The San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), A Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Supporting, Promoting, And Representing The Common Business Of The Military, Its Quality Of Life, And Defense Industry Community In San Diego.

03/22/17 Mission of the Naval Helicopter Association

03/15/17 RADM Todd Sokalzuk, Commander of the 11th Coast Guard District Speaks

03/08/17 Changes to the Military Budget

03/01/17 U.S. Cyber Command

02/15/17 Ceremony for Designating San Diego an “Official” Coast Guard City

02/08/17 San Diego to be Designated “Official” Coast Guard City ; Change of date for the annual SDMAC Achievement Awards

02/01/17 Final Call for Nominations for the Annual SDMAC Achievement Awards

01/25/17 San Diego is Becoming an “Official” Coast Guard City

01/18/17 SDMAC Hosts January 31 reception for VADM Bill French, USN (Ret.)

01/11/17 Institute for Veterans and Military Families Report on Workforce Readiness