About The Show:
The Brian Britt Show will challenge your definition of true wealth. It’s a fact that the happiest and most successful people understand that a truly fulfilling life has four key components that form a quadrant that makes up a true wealth balance sheet. This quadrant includes life assets like relationships with your family, friends and co-workers; knowledge assets like your experience and special skills; civic assets which include your contributions to others in society; and financial assets. The Brian Britt Show has a unique and impressive roster of guests who discuss their personal story of accomplishment and the current economy relative to their business. All are San Diego-based leaders who share the wisdom gained through their own problem solving experiences and tell the secret of making life’s balance sheet work.
About The Host:
Brian Britt is a leader in investment advice and portfolio management for individuals and non-profit organizations. He acts as a Managing Director of CONCERT Wealth Management and maintains a private wealth management practice in San Diego, California. Brian’s 30 years of investment experience and seasoned perspective allow him to develop unique strategies to help his clients reduce volatility, protect principle and grow account values. More importantly, he provides “outside-the-box” strategies and solutions to help clients protect and grow their wealth beyond traditional methods. Prior to joining CONCERT, Brian was a Senior Vice President for both Merrill Lynch and Paine Webber in California. He also worked as a top-producer in the private wealth management division of Lehman Brothers in Chicago and for top investment companies in New York City. Brian received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the College of Business at St. John’s University in New York in 1986. He currently provides economic commentary on his weekly internet radio show where he interviews some of the nation’s top-selling authors and business leaders on how they maximize their wealth beyond just money. He is an experienced public speaker, marketing and sales consultant, media spokesman and instructor. Go to BrianBritt.com to learn more.
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