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The Peggy Smedley Show, the voice of M2M and connected devices, is an informative, yet fun talk show hosted by Peggy Smedley, president of Specialty Publishing Co, and and Editorial Director of Connected World magazine. The show features discussions with top newsmakers and technology companies and in-depth analysis of the week’s biggest connected device stories and trends.

10/17/17 Metering Energy Use; The Triangle of Intelligence; Grids Go Global; Growing as a Team

1 Metering Energy Use Peggy Smedley looks at how smart meters can help businesses and individuals monitor energy use in real time. She discusses how government initiatives and distribution efficiency are increasing global smart-meter adoption, while other factors are holding some countries back. 2 The Triangle of Intelligence Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president, IoT [...]

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10/10/17 Assembling Grid Standards; Healthier Buildings, Healthier Living; Transforming Machine State; Car, Connectivity, and the Cloud

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09/26/17 Infrastructure Comes Clean; Sensors Down to a Science; Piloting City Solutions; Collaborating on Utilities

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09/12/17 Nations Develop with IoT; Repurposing Smart Building; Business Models Transform; Critical Points in Infrastructure; Critical Points in Infrastructure

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09/05/17 Speaking with the Streets; Just in Time Innovation; Riding the Manufacturing Wave; Enterprise Gets a Boost

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08/29/17 Industrial IoT for Sale; Ensuring Better Driving; Riding the Manufacturing Wave; Filling the Gaps in Manufacturing

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08/22/17 A Changing Defense; New Bases for Automotive; Simplifying I-IoT; Sensing Something New

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08/15/17 Wearables for a Connected Factory; Magical Industrial Components; A Culture for Security; Infrastructure in Critical Condition

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08/08/17 Legislation Manufactures Security; New Age Manufacturing; Subscribing to Data; On the IoT Trail

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