The Wealth Building Hour

//The Wealth Building Hour
We Discuss Asset Protection, Taxes, Investing And More To Help You Have More Control Over Your Assets And Liquidity.

06/13/17 Helping Clients Align Their Wealth & Values Through Philanthropy

Join host R. J. Kelly as he visits with Bill Super, CPA, PFS, AEP, MS Tax and Pegine Grayson, JD, CAP about the role philanthropy can play as the "glue" that holds a family together generationally. Why do 70% of families of high net worth disintegrate after simply one generation? The wealth is gone and [...]

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05/23/17 Making Sound Decisions

Kevin Brown interviews Kelly Tremblay and Richard Earnest of i Hear u about the problems and the solutions around noise and its impact on people, businesses, productivity and other areas. Kelly Tremblay is a PhD and Professor of Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington. She founded i Hear u to provide a solution for [...]

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05/16/17 An Economic Perspective on Entrepreneurship; Thriving as a Self-Made Entrepreneur

Barbara and Ray Keating, Chief Economist for The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, discuss the economic landscape affecting small businesses and entrepreneurship; Nely Galan, best-selling author of "SELF MADE" shares her award-winning advice for becoming a successful, self-made entrepreneur.

05/07/17 Applying Leadership Tools to Create Engaged & Empowered Employees

Do you often take the time to engage with your business team and prepare them to go on with their daily tasks with confidence? Does your team know what the core of your business is? As a business owner or CEO, it is easy to lose focus on keeping your team engaged. After all, bills [...]

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04/25/17 High Stakes in Growing Your Business

Kevin Brown interviews Tim Owens Owner of Courant Culture, LLC. Tim helps small and mid-sized businesses by providing leadership and performance consulting to help business grow. Listen in as Kevin and Tim discuss the "high stakes" decisions and issues in growing your business.

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04/18/17 Legal Help and More for Small Offices and Entrepreneurs

Barbara's first guest, Nait Patel, is Co-founder/Co-CEO of Should I Sign, Inc., which is a company on a mission to streamline access to legal services for startups and small businesses. Her second guest, Jeff Zbar, is founder of Chief Home Officer, and is a home-based writer and consultant specializing in entrepreneurship and home officing.

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04/11/17 What You Don’t Know About EPLI and Wage & Hour Rules – Could Cost You Your Business!

As if business owners don't already have too much on their plates … on today's program we discuss two important issues: employment law and commercial insurance. Ignorance of either one of these areas could even bring about the end of the business … and has for others! What am I referring to? In studio today [...]

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03/28/17 Building Your Best Asset

Kevin Brown interviews Susie Japs, Managing Director of WeJungo to discuss how to grow and manage your businesses human resources. Sourcing, hiring and managing employees is one the most difficult areas in a business, so listen is as Kevin and Susie discuss how to build talent foundations.

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03/21/17 Succeeding and Thriving as a Woman in Business

Hear Barbara's conversations with two outstanding women in business! Mary Cantando founded the Woman’s Advantage® Forum, which helps women with small businesses grow to the million-dollar level. And Jena Abernathy, is a nationally recognized career and leadership expert, and author of "The Inequality Equalizer – Want It, Claim It, Own It and Maximize Your Career [...]

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02/28/17 Managing the Maze of Business Benefits

Kevin Brown interviews Nathan Craig, Owner of 3C Insurance Services about navigating the issues, options and opportunities around employee benefits. The landscape around medical plans and other employee benefits is complex and rapidly changing. Listen to Kevin and Nathan talk about managing the maze of business benefits.

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