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We Discuss Asset Protection, Taxes, Investing And More To Help You Have More Control Over Your Assets And Liquidity.

09/26/17 Business Growth Acceleration

Kevin Brown interviews Darren Reinke, Owner and CEO of Group Sixty to discuss how to accelerate your company's growth through unlocking the potential that exists within individuals and teams. It is key to have a strategic plan and executing those plans to effectively grow your business. Such growth strategy also needs to include the growth [...]

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09/12/17 Will Your Business Survive “The Great Divide?”

What is the "Great Divide?" Which states are presently emerging as "the winners" in our economy ... and which are not? The US economy today - and especially the "Left Coast" - and most especially, the region of San Diego? Are you creating a business that is simply competing on price, or do you give [...]

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08/23/17 Banking Better

Kevin Brown interviews Sean Puckett, Senior Vice President of Treasury Services at Mechanics Bank, to discuss strategic banking and how to better manage and protect a businesses treasury and capital assets. There are a number of ways to enhance a businesses operating and cash flow needs, so listen in as Kevin and Sean discuss banking [...]

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08/15/17 Small Business Growth Dilemmas; All Business Owners Deserve Planning

Barbara's first guest, Ami Kassar, Founder of Multifunding, addresses the state of the current lending market and offers advice to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Next, Tim Berry, Founder of Palo Alto Software and business plan expert, believes all business owners deserve planning -- he knows how to make it happen!

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08/08/17 Is It Time To Reverse Thinking About “Reverse Mortgages?”

Under President Reagan, it was recognized that for many Americans, their single greatest asset is the equity in their homes. For those in or approaching retirement, tapping into that equity could make the difference between a comfortable retirement or one of just getting by. Therefore, in 1989, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) was created. [...]

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07/18/17 Economic Conditions and Trends for Small Business

Barbara talks with Thomas Sullivan, VP, Small Business Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about the current concerns of small business owners and what can be done to help. Next, Barbara and her guest, James Rosseau, Chief Commercial Officer, LegalShield, discuss insights gleaned from a recent economic index and what it means for small businesses and [...]

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07/11/17 Estate Planning for Blended Families – Prenups – Postnups – the Importance of Clear Communication & Gun Collections

Now that we have your attention … we didn't really talk about gun collections, but did cover the waterfront on estate planning for blended families, prenuptial & postnuptial agreements, and the importance of clear communication. As our three extraordinary professionals shared with us, the number one reason for divorce in America is lack of clear [...]

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06/27/17 Fusion of a Business and Owners Planning

Kevin Brown interviews John Wheeler, Partner of Akili Capital about the importance of business owners and entrepreneurs planning around the business and personal goals, values and objectives. In many cases planning is done at a personal and business level independently, and proper alignment between the values, goal and objectives is missed. Listen in as Kevin [...]

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06/20/17 Looking at the Coming Decade for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Barbara's first guest, Ken Gronbach, demographer and author of "Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead,” shares 7 top trends that will shape the coming decade; and Barbara's second guest, Ramon Ray, entrepreneur and best-selling author of “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing,” discusses social media strategy for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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06/13/17 Helping Clients Align Their Wealth & Values Through Philanthropy

Join host R. J. Kelly as he visits with Bill Super, CPA, PFS, AEP, MS Tax and Pegine Grayson, JD, CAP about the role philanthropy can play as the "glue" that holds a family together generationally. Why do 70% of families of high net worth disintegrate after simply one generation? The wealth is gone and [...]

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