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//The Wealth Building Hour
We Discuss Asset Protection, Taxes, Investing And More To Help You Have More Control Over Your Assets And Liquidity.

03/21/17 Succeeding and Thriving as a Woman in Business

Hear Barbara's conversations with two outstanding women in business! Mary Cantando founded the Woman’s Advantage® Forum, which helps women with small businesses grow to the million-dollar level. And Jena Abernathy, is a nationally recognized career and leadership expert, and author of "The Inequality Equalizer – Want It, Claim It, Own It and Maximize Your Career [...]

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02/28/17 Managing the Maze of Business Benefits

Kevin Brown interviews Nathan Craig, Owner of 3C Insurance Services about navigating the issues, options and opportunities around employee benefits. The landscape around medical plans and other employee benefits is complex and rapidly changing. Listen to Kevin and Nathan talk about managing the maze of business benefits.

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02/21/17 The Healthy Workplace; Finance Your Own Business

Barbara discusses what it takes to create healthy workplaces with author of "The Healthy Workplace," Leigh Stringer. Next, Gerri Detweiler, Head of Market Education for Nav, and author of "Finance Your Own Business," joins Barbara to discuss ways to build and leverage business credit.

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02/14/17 Trying to time the market for commercial real estate is a bad idea. What works better instead?

Did you know that trying to time the commercial real estate market is a bad idea? Learn about innovative ideas that have been helping San Diego investors grow their wealth, tips on commercial real estate loans and financing, and the best time to buy and sell commercial real estate. Listen in as R. J. Kelly [...]

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01/24/17 Business Transformation Through Technology

Kevin Brown interviews Michael Trezza, owner of Lithyem Company, to learn how businesses can be more efficient, profitable and productive through implementation of technology to business processes and procedures.

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01/17/17 The Gig Economy; Continuing Economic Recovery

Barbara discusses the gig economy with her first guest, Jeff Tennery, Founder/CEO of; and her second guest, Bill Dunkelberg, Chief Economist at NFIB, discusses small business optimism and the economic recovery.

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01/10/17 From the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship … Only the Strongest Survive!

Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ideas to build a successful brand & company. How do you keep the business thriving in a market that is constantly changing, and with competition that is more "competitive" than ever? Listen to this fascinating dialog as R. J. interviews two of the fastest growing companies in [...]

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01/03/17 What To Do and What You Need When Applying for a Business Loan

What a difference a few years will make! Back in 2008 – 2010, it seemed like no one could get a loan for their business. Today, things are very different in that respect … banks are aggressively looking for businesses that need lines of credit, working capital loans, facilities & equipment funding, building purchase money, [...]

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12/30/16 Philanthropy: A “Why Wall”, Self-Identity vs. Career, Navy Families – What’s the Connection?

There are "Four T’s of Philanthropy": Time - Talent - Touch (network) – and Treasure. On today's program, three highly successful businessmen talk about giving back and the diverse ways they have found to use their "Four T’s" to impact their respective communities for philanthropy ... Damian McKinney of McKinney Advisory Group and McKinney Capital [...]

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12/27/16 Growing and Managing a Technology Business

Kevin Brown interviews David Evans, President and Owner, of Decision Logic, a financial technology enterprise. Kevin and David discuss the issues, challenges and rewards of growing and managing a financial technology business.

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