This Week in Marketing Presented by the SDAMA

//This Week in Marketing Presented by the SDAMA
About The Show: This Week in Marketing is brought to you by the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association and Business Leader Radio. This show will bring you up to date information on marketing trends and strategies and industry best practices. While all shows will provide great, applicable information, some will be targeted to the marketing industry itself, and others will be targeted toward business leaders and owners. About The Host: Bill Winn manages web content for San Diego AMA and works as a digital marketer for Inseev Interactive, a San Diego SEO firm. Show Contact Info: Wade@Wsradio.Com

03/21/27 Digital Marketing Update

With Google's search algorithm constantly evolving and misconceptions galore in digital marketing, we asked the team from Inseev Interactive to return to the studio for an update. Inseev President Jimmy Page and SEO Manager Wes Flippo helped us understand the latest developments in search engine optimization, explain away confusion about search marketing and offer sage [...]

10/25/2016 Human Innovation Science: Activating The Human Experience

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, we discussed how to ensure each client’s opportunities + challenges result in a custom design solution that achieves optimal outcome by solving global business opportunities + challenges, activating human capacity, through human experience design thinking. Brad Rossacci is the Director of Innovation at 900lbs of Creative. Brad’s immersive [...]

02/28/2017 Aligning Personal Passion and Priorities With Your Current Job

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, we discussed qualifying your prospect, doing that thoroughly, and spending less time on unnecessary proposals. Lynette Lewis is the President of The Lewis Leadership Group. She is an author, business consultant, and motivational speaker. Her 30-year career has taken her from PR and fundraising at a major university to [...]

03/07/17 Is It As Much Fun to Market Beer As It Is to Drink It?

Oh, the questions we're forced to ponder at San Diego AMA! We were fortunate to be joined in the studio by Mark Weslar, Vice President of Marketing at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, to labor through this difficult topic. Karl Strauss was the original craft beer brewery in San Diego, a pioneer in what has become [...]

02/21/17 The Customer Experience at Burger Lounge

San Diego-based restaurant chain Burger Lounge is a fascinating local laboratory for the customer experience. With an innovative menu, modern design and thoughtful hospitality touches, the brand is pushing the envelope in fast-food dining. Burger Lounge Vice President of Marketing Robert Lane joined us to talk about his brand's philosophy and approach to its business. [...]

02/16/17 Facebook Video Marketing Trends in 2017

Social media is all the rage for digital marketers and no channel is commanding more attention than Facebook. Whether you leverage the platform's organic potential or make it part of your paid media arsenal, Facebook has the potential to drive your awareness, engagement and conversions through the roof. But what is the single best way [...]

02/07/17 The State of Diversity

The marketing campaigns of large brands look more diverse than ever, but much work remains to make the brands themselves truly diverse and inclusive. Cheryl Goodman, Executive Director of Athena San Diego, joined us to discuss the state of diversity in San Diego and corporate America.

12/20/16 The Changing Landscape of Recruiting

If you’re hiring marketing talent in San Diego, it’s time to reset expectations […]

12/06/16 Marketing a Niche Business

How do you build a business in a small and little-known industry, when large-scale awareness tactics don't pay off? Why, you roll up your sleeves, get serious about search engine marketing and nurture referrals like nobody's business! This week, Sacha Ferrandi of Source Capital Funding Inc., a provider of California Hard Money Loans, and Evan Harris of San Diego [...]

Context Marketing: Is That a Typo?

John Bertino, co-founder and owner of The Agency Guy, works with small to mid-size brands on marketing strategy and vendor selection, helping brands find the best agency partners to execute their strategic marketing initiatives. By occupying this intersection, he gets a chance to gather intelligence on common challenges and solutions shared by a range of brands [...]