This Week in Marketing Presented by the SDAMA

//This Week in Marketing Presented by the SDAMA
About The Show: This Week in Marketing is brought to you by the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association and Business Leader Radio. This show will bring you up to date information on marketing trends and strategies and industry best practices. While all shows will provide great, applicable information, some will be targeted to the marketing industry itself, and others will be targeted toward business leaders and owners. About The Host: Bill Winn manages web content for San Diego AMA and works as a digital marketer for Inseev Interactive, a San Diego SEO firm. Show Contact Info: Wade@Wsradio.Com

09/05/17 State of Marketing Report

On August 24, 2017, AMA San Diego published its 2017 State of Marketing Report - The San Diego Perspective. The report followed qualitative interviews with 32 marketing leaders from 38 area organizations. The organizations represented many sizes across a wide swath of industry sectors, from hospitality to community group, from consumer product to technology. We [...]

08/15/17 Marketing Strategies Should Include “SEO for Growth”

Guest: Philip Singleton, Author of "SEO for Growth" discusses what the C-Suite needs to understand about establishing "Domain Authority". Phil also offers some strategies that every Marketing Professional can implement today. Find more at

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07/25/17 The Power of Purpose

The 19th annual Cause Conference™ is September 8 at UCSD's Price Center Theater. This year's theme is "Maximizing your impact through the power of purpose". With AMA San Diego, Conscious Capitalism San Diego and the San Diego Nonprofit Association collaborating to produce the conference and ticket sales to date up 5x over last year's fantastic [...]

07/18/17 Hispanic Marketing Research & Trends

With an estimated 52 million people, or just under 17% of the population, Hispanics comprise the second largest ethnic group in the United States. This burgeoning demographic, therefore, is of significant importance to marketers. Mary Beth McCabe, Associate Professor at National University and Owner, Sun Marketing, and Marina Anderson, principal consultant at Anderson Marketing Insights, consult [...]

07/11/17 Local Businesses Giving Back

When it comes to supporting local causes, seven-location grocery chain Barons Market and Point Loma microbrewery Bay City Brewing Co. walk the walk. Both have a passion for giving back, with causes related to families, animals, the environment and other local businesses benefiting. They have found, in turn, that embracing causes drives employee engagement and promotes customer loyalty. Tune [...]

06/27/17 More to Sponsorship than Writing a Check

Sponsorship can be a great way for a brand to not only reach its desired audience, but also influence that audience's perceptions of the brand. For example, by sponsoring a nonprofit or other charitable cause, a brand can increase its appeal among sympathetic consumers. Likewise, a brand that sponsors a for-profit sports franchise or event [...]

06/20/17 Personal Branding

The commonly-held definition of personal branding is an outward-facing one involving projecting an impression of oneself toward customers, associates and the public. But there's another definition favored by Katy Goshtasbi of Puris Personal Branding. Katy argues that there's an introspective component to personal branding that's even more important. To be successful in almost any line [...]

06/06/16 Integrated Marketing Campaigns

With today's digital marketing technologies, campaigns are more powerful, and more complex, than ever. But what really makes them complex isn't so much the technology, but the human element. How do you get everyone, including your sales team, your partners and even your customers, singing from the same sheet of music? That's the challenge, and [...]

05/30/17 Leading In A Social World

Our world is clearly socially connected like never before. Aaron is here to try and convince us that social capital—measurable, manageable value that’s accessed and shared through social groups—has become an accessible and undeniably valuable resource for people and their organizations. But contrary to what a lot of marketing people will tell you, socially connected [...]

05/16/17 Where to Focus Your Video Strategy

With options like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat an important consideration is where is your target audience spending the most time watching, and how do you reach them? During our latest podcast our guest host in studio was Mike Matamala, Multimedia Designer at Holdrite and VP of Social and Earned Media at San Diego AMA. [...]