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Universal Talk Laws Radio is for anyone interested in self-improvement, sales and sales leadership, positive self-talk, or taking control of their financial future. Universal Talk Laws offers guidance on the following topics: – Taking advantage of opportunity – Self-purpose and the science of selling – Worth of your words personally and professionally – Understanding the customer’s mindset – Building credibility with communication skills – Closing a sale and further self-development

Kinja Dixon is an award-winning sales expert, motivational speaker, and life coach. In fact, he is the only person to win both the prestigious Gold Stevie Award and American Resort Development Association Award (ARDA) for Top In-House Salesperson in the same year.

02/01/16 Educator to Comedian, Derrick Brooks

November 15th 2015 is a month that my guest will always remember.  Derrick Brooks stepped away from his 9-5 as a high school site-coordinator  to pursue his long term passion as a full-time comedian. The immediate results have led to several sold out shows, spreading enjoyment throughout  the country and taking a look from the [...]

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12/21/15 You CAN Change the Direction of Your LIfe

How did Randy Kornegay, the creative mind behind Nevakwit Boot Camp slow his aging process down so rapidly? How did the understanding of how to deal with regret, change the entire direction of his life? What are 3 signals that can tell a person if they need to stop drinking alcohol completely? This friend/mentor to [...]

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10/19/15 War Angel, The Awakening with Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter, the actor, model, singer and author is the true definition of resilience. “Anything is possible with the right ingredients..faith and obedience.” What this man has overcome and turned into fuel to light his life fire is a story that is now a book, War Angel, The Awakening that is also in the process [...]

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09/28/15 Detox For The Mind with Dr. Natalie Forest

"Most of us were raised to be servants and saviors"," There is a difference between existing and living"....Dr. Natalie Forest, the teacher, consultant, author, wife, and parent, to name a few of her many titles blessed UTL Radio with a spirit of pure excellence. This edition is considered a "Detox for the mind" as she [...]

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08/31/15 The Science of Hair with Karen Brace

What are the some the biggest misconceptions about hair in general? What is better.. a relaxer or to go natural? What can a man with a receding hairline do to help promote growth? Can being too "thick" scientifically have an impact on the speed that your hair grows? Mrs. Karen Brace breaks the answers to [...]

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07/27/15 If they are not a good teacher, they are not just ruining a class….they are ruining a generation

"If they are not a good teacher, they are not just ruining a class....they are ruining a generation!" These were some of the words that have led the principal, Peter Oroszlany to effectively build Mott Hall V in the Bronx to becoming one of the strongest educational facilities in the country. The wealth of practical [...]

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07/13/15 The Secrets to SEO with Michael Tesalona

Are you in the process of designing a website, or wondering how to drive more people to the website that you have already created? Do you know why the top companies in all industries seek help from search engine optimization specialists? Are you familiar with the biggest misconception that business owners have about search engine [...]

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06/29/15 Lolita Frazier of LocoStrut Runway Productions

How did Lolita Frazier, the owner of LocoStrut Runway Productions, turn witnessing abuse in her household to power? How did she turn the isolation in her home due to her skin complexion to one of the best things that could have ever happened to her in life and on the runway? How did Lolita turn [...]

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06/15/15 Being a Better Father with Xavier Bryan

The love that a father has for his daughter is one of the strongest bonds that there is. Xavier Bryan, the husband of over 20 years and father of a 15 year old young lady expresses some heart felt thoughts about his journey through the eyes of a concerned father. Topics discussed ranged from how [...]

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05/25/15 Insights Into The School System – Tiona Staton

UTL Radio is taking a huge dive into the education system this show. If you could tell all the parents in the world the top "3 WORST THINGS THAT A PARENT CAN DO INADVERTENTLY" which could hurt the child’s ability to be fully prepared to learn in school based off of your experience what would [...]

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