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Having Fun with Hobbies is about Having Fun! Come along as we explore the world of fun and the interesting people inhabiting it. If we haven’t talked about your hobby, yet, drop us a line and let us know.
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Doug Young is a 30 year veteran of Talk Radio. He was born and raised in San Diego, and began his career at “KOGO: The Radio Magazine”, in 1982. Doug moved to Miami in 1987, where he did his first Sports Talk show at WIOD. Soon it was on to West Palm Beach and eventually Buffalo, where he worked for 20 years covering the Bills and Sabres. In 2010 Doug moved back home and joined wsRadio with Sportsquawk Saturday and Having Fun with Hobbies.
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06/30/17 Sea Side San Diego; Coast Guard, Scuba, Maritime Commerce

1 Learning about the Coast Guard with David Vacardipone 2 Scuba Diving in San Diego with David 3 Learning about Maritime Commerce with Eric Westreich 4 BlueTech jobs are expanding in San Diego. In our BlueTech episode, Bryan Bjorndal reveals his secret of turning US Navy ocean investigations of bioluminescence into a water quality test [...]

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07/18/15 Chess: Helping People Learn to Problem Solve and Think Better while Having Lots of Fun

Richard Hartley, Chess Aficionado, explains how the game works, the professional organizations involved, changes in technology and how it all has made his life better. Here are his recommended resources. Chess book recommendation for beginning players: "Bobby Fischer teaches chess." Bantam Books, 1972. It's also available as a kindle download. "Chess Tactics for Advanced Players." [...]

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07/15/15 Skateboarding is a Welcoming Community and Great Exercise for Kids of All Ages

Tyler Culbertson, Skateboarder and New Media Director for Toy Machine Skateboards shares the positive aspects and impacts of skateboarding. "Skateboarding is not a Crime"

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10/25/14 Finding Fun and Fortune in Coin Collecting

Parker Vogt, Vice President of Camino Coin Company tells us of the fun that can be had with coin collecting. It can open up interest in history and geography though the stories found in the creation and minting of coins. Parker provides us specific insights into collecting Dollar coins, Silver coins and Gold coins. Camino [...]

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10/22/14 The Many Ways to Enjoy the Multitude of Craft Beers in San Diego at Beer Week

Larry Stein, President of Quaff (Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity)https://quaff.org/ Colby Chandler, Executive Director at Specialty Brewer Ballast Point Brewing Companywww.ballastpoint.com/ Kevin Hopkins, San Diego Brewers Guild's Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Mother Earth Brew Co.www.sandiegobrewersguild.org www.motherearthbrewing.com/ Jenny Seaboldt of Brew It Yourself! brewyourselfsd.com

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10/17/14 Baseball: Memories, Mementos, Maris and Mantle. The Past and The Future of America’s Past Time

Drew Schlosberg, Host of the U-T “Community Spotlight” radio show, chats with Andy Strasberg, nationally recognized baseball historian, and Jeff Green, former managing editor of the San Diego Padres, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodger publications, about Strasberg’s career with the San Diego Padres; his beloved New York Yankees; his friendship with Roger Maris; [...]

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06/14/14 Getting the Most out of Your ComicCon and other Convention Attendance

Two Young Gents, Taylor Murch an Dani Lewindowski, offer the lessons they have learned to help have the most fun when you attend a convention.

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06/07/14 Cos-Play Tips and Fun at Conventions like ComicCon

Re-occurring Hosts, Taylor Murch and Dani Lewandowski, "Two Young Gents", share their thoughts on attending Conventions and getting started in CosPlay.

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02/23/14 Having Fun With Hobbies

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02/16/14 Having Fun With Hobbies

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