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Movies and Entertainment analysis using the latest in beer goggle technology! With hosts Erik Geitner, Christopher Amarillas, Michael “Shark” Kmibell and Paul Berezetsky.

03/03/16 The Carpet’s Always Redder – 2016 Oscars Get Rekt

It’s that time again for Hollywood to roll out the red carpet and celebrate themselves at this year’s Oscars. Didn’t catch the gold statue circle jerk awards? Don’t worry, the Rekt crew is all tuxedo-ed out, with drinks in hand to review all the glitz, the glamour, and the abundant whiteness at this year’s academy [...]

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02/18/16 Revenge Served Cold – “The Revenant” and “Deadpool” Get Rekt

The theme of the hour seems to be vengeance and the REKT crew dissect The Revenant and Deadpool, two movies that couldn't be more different in their execution and style and yet both surprisingly similar in focusing on the hunt for the protagonist's arch nemesis and the protagonist's ability to survive ludicrous levels of trauma [...]

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01/14/16 Not The Droids You’re Looking For – “The Force Awakens” Gets Rekt

Erik, Paul and Shark discuss their impressions of the obscure little indie film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens and tackle the question - is it feasible to rekindle a 10-year old's sense of wonder in a 40 year old man-child? The Rekt crew have some mixed feelings about "The Force Awakens", (directed by J. J. [...]

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12/10/15 Creed vs Krampus! (with Ring Girl – Jessica Jones)

This week Paul and Erik are joined by special guest Florentino from The Changing Stage radio show to talk about Creed and Krampus. Florentino and Paul discuss Creed, a quite tasteful installment of the Rocky series, with Sylvester Stallone giving one of his best performances in years. Paul and Erik talk about Krampus, the out-of-left-field [...]

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11/12/15 Not Stirred – “Spectre” Gets Rekt

This week we are joined by special guests Ronnie Revoredo, cohost of the Shark After Dark radio show and Dr. Thu Ho, a woman after Bond’s own heart, who shares his obsession with other people’s Aston Martins. We discuss Spectre, the latest installment in the Daniel Craig iteration of James Bond films. Everyone shares their [...]

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11/05/15 You’re Not A Wolf – “Sicario” Gets Rekt

After a lot of James Bond related non-sequitourism, Erik, Chris, Paul and Shark delve into the review of "Sicario", starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. A gritty and realistic portrayal of a desperate drug war waged around the U.S./Mexico border, the film is very tense, building suspense in layer after layer and [...]

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10/29/15 Beware of Crimson Peak! – “Crimson Peak” Gets Rekt

Paul takes a night off and Shark returns to the show for a Halloween episode of horror. The guys first talk action movies, which may seem off topic but segues smoothly into the unholy horror that was Die Hard 5, (which none of them actually watched but seem to all be horrified by.) Chris and [...]

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10/15/15 “The Martian” Gets Rekt

Erik and Paul are joined by special guest “Shark”, who actually has a film degree, a monster radio voice and shows up with 3 kinds of beer and a bottle of Southern Comfort – in short, a gentleman and a scholar! We talk about The Martian’s strengths and weaknesses, how the film compares with the [...]

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10/01/15 “Inside Out” Gets Rekt

Chris, shirking his responsibility to drink on a Thursday, takes a night off and Paul and Erik are left on their own, to dissect the intricate anatomy of Pixar’s “Inside Out”. They discuss the clever and often hilarious metaphors the movie uses in describing the human psyche, as well as Pixar’s unparalleled ability to craft [...]

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09/24/15 What A Lovely Day! – “Mad Max: Fury Road” Gets Rekt

Erik, Paul and Chris discuss the epic awesomeness that is Fury Road. The idea behind Rekt Reviews is to juxtapose the opinions of Erik (who is dead inside and loves nothing), Chris (who finds subtle beauty even in Nic Cage movies) and Paul (who ignores plot and character development entirely, focusing only on finding hidden [...]

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