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Beyond No Hope is where we use an open mind to look for new solutions to our old problems. When you have tried all the typical options, but still have the pain, we take you Beyond No Hope. How can we help you?

About the Host:
Dr. Sonia is an experienced medical professional with a far-reaching vision of revolutionizing human healthcare and wellness. Her deep expertise and unique methodology of integrating the most advanced Mind Sciences into highly effective and transformational therapy has resulted in over 2000 breakthrough success stories.
Dr. Sonia Practiced as a Family Physician for over 15 years in Dubai, Singapore and India at top healthcare facilities prior to arriving in the US. Dr. Sonia does not practice as a licensed Physician in the US. She is the founder of enso-nia, Center for Mind and Life Transformation based in San Diego and her vision and passion are to revolutionize the field of Human Wellbeing by integrating the fully expanded and revamped methodologies of “Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy” to achieve deep impact and lasting results in all her clients. Learn More about Dr. Sonia

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