09/25/18 San Diego Region Sports Updates

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09/21/18 Organics Unlimited; San Diego Council on Literacy

Segment 1: Organics UnlimitedMayra Velasquez de Leon, President and CEO of Organics Unlimited, and Daniella Velasquez de Leon, Logistics Manager for the company, chat about the largest family-owned organic banana company in the United States. Mayra and Daniella discuss GROW, Organics Unlimited’s nonprofit organization. Segment 2: San Diego Council on LiteracyJose Cruz, CEO of the [...]

09/21/18 G.I. Film Festival; Traveling Stories

Segment 1: G.I. Film FestivalColonel Jennifer Shaar, an Advisory Committee member of the 4th Annual G.I. Film Festival, and Trevor Neuenswander, a local filmmaker whose film Hotflakes will make its world premiere at the Festival, discuss the September 25-30 Festival. Shaar chats about the importance of the Festival to the military committee, while Neuenswander talks [...]

09/20/18 Living in the Land of “Something tells me.” And, a Visit from the Broken Catholic Podcast

Mary discusses examples of living in the Land of "Something tells me." Then she welcomes Joseph Warren from the Broken Catholic Podcast

09/18/18 The Joys of Foster Parenting; Motivating Teenagers to Volunteer

Part 1: Jeff Wiemann, Executive Director, Angels Foster Family Network, shares information about the need for foster parents who can provide a stable and stimulating home environment for children in transition. Part 2: Michael Nimer, Manager of MOTIV, shares information about his work in promoting volunteer opportunities for teenagers who contribute to greater literacy and [...]

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09/18/18 Dr. Edward Zuniga Returns to Lead El Monte Union; The Bridge Theater Project Helps Students Reach the World

Guest 1: Dr. Edward Zuniga – El Monte Union High School District Superintendent When El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga graduated from El Monte High School in 1991, he never dreamed he would someday return as the District’s top administrator. In a wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Zuniga details El Monte Union’s commitment [...]

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09/18/18 Welcoming New Leadership with a New ED for SDMAC

Randy Bogle, Outgoing Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), is joined by Mark Balmert, Incoming Executive Director of SDMAC, to talk about the keynote speech of the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps – General Robert Neller – at last week’s SDMAC Breakfast. Bogle and Balmert discuss the joint SDMAC-Fleet Week [...]

09/18/18 Serra Field Hockey, La Jolla Volleyball, and Spotlight on La Costa Cross Country

Jess Kearney, Deputy Sports Editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune, and Steve Brand, Awards Director for the San Diego Hall of Champions, are joined by Bill Vice, La Costa Canyon cross country coach, to chat about the Mavericks top flight program. Kearney and Brand discuss the Union-Tribune Top Ten Football Rankings, along with a preview [...]

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09/14/18 Author: Lisa Shapiro; Miracle Babies

Segment 1: Author: Lisa ShapiroLisa Shapiro, an Associate Professor at San Diego Mesa College and author of No Forgotten Fronts: From Classrooms to Combat, discusses her book which is the story of Dr. Lauren Post, a professor at San Diego State College, who kept his students and their families connected during WWII through the nearly [...]

09/14/18 Therapy Tonics & Provisions; Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/Imperial Chapter

Segment 1: Therapy Tonics & ProvisionsChristopher Coggan, CEO of Therapy Tonics & Provisions, talks about his company’s mission to create innovative, healthy alternatives to traditional ways of consuming cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes. Segment 2: Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/Imperial ChapterKatie Croskrey, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/Imperial Chapter, chats about the Association’s [...]