10/18/17 San Diego Region School Sports

Guest: Coach Richard Sanchez of St. Augustine High

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10/18/17 San Diego Region Military Talk

Guest Peyton Self III, Military Father

10/10/17 Battling Breast Cancer

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10/11/17 “Love Letters from Vietnam” at Poway OnStage

10/11/17 Chicano Studies at San Diego State University

This program deals with the Chicano Studies Program at San Diego State University. The guest at Dr. Isidro Ortiz and Dr. Roberto Hernandez. both of whom teach Chicano Studies at SDSU. Isidro grew up in Texas and Roberto from San Ysidro Calif. Both men come from families that encouraged education though they themselves did not [...]

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10/10/17 Faith, Family and Freedom Revisited 2017

#DailyDialoguewithDoris showcases a warm and thoughtful show titled: "Faith, Family and Freedom Revisited 2017". With all the evil that seems to be bombarding us today, we are happy to have a new friend of Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke talk to us about "Faith"! She is Reverend Lenna Cooke-Carpentier/ Lenna Carpentier. Reverand Cooke-Carpentier comes from a long line [...]

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10/07/17 Successful Aging Expo Hour 3

10/07/17 Successful Aging Expo Hour 1

10/07/17 Successful Aging Expo Hour 2

10/06/17 Jackie Robinson Family YMCA; G.I. Film Festival