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Imagine a world where men live and lead from their heart. It takes courage for men to know themselves, be authentic, and live a life of integrity. The result is a world where men are no longer the perpetrators, even if perceived, of all forms of abuse, unethical behaviors, and criminal offenses but instead are the expression and embodiment of love, compassion, courage, integrity, virtue, peace, and good purpose. BraveHeart is a way of life. And, BraveHeart Radio is a call to men everywhere to adapt this way of life. BraveHeart Radio will inspire and encourage soulful, open-hearted living in men across the globe. Those who listen to the show, even if for a minute, are never the same. They realize right away that their heart space is the best place to come from. Where there used to be war, peace will reign; ego, connection and service; inequality and abuse, only fairness and compassion; hatred, only love. BraveHeart Radio will speak directly to the hearts of men.

Pete Saunders is an advocate for men living open-hearted lives. He’s an ontological coach that works especially with men who want to connect more powerfully with themselves, their purpose, others, and with Spirit. Pete is married to his college sweetheart, Annesa. They are the proud parents of Dakari, a happy and loving 8-year-old boy living with cerebral palsy.
Pete is the founder of Razors & Diapers, an organization committed to strengthening families by empowering fathers. He runs a fatherhood blog at, and is also a blogger for the American Counseling Association. He has written a number of fatherhood column for B3: Bump, Baby, and Beyond, a Caribbean parenting magazine, Bermuda Sun, and The Royal Gazette. Pete is a PhD candidate at Fielding Graduate University, where he is studying man’s spiritual nature and how men might transcend disempowering narratives and ways of being so as to construct more empowering ones.
Pete is committed to men’s development and helping to create a world where everyone is loved, and is one.

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