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“Daily Dialogue with Doris” aka “DDwD” airs at 7pm pacific time/every other week. Join host, Doris Rivas-Brekke for an hour talking about life’s trials & tribulations with the emphasis on “Faith, Family & Freedom”. Doris will use her own life experiences i.e. alcoholism, death and more, to outline real life strategies with the goals of having a life of love, joy & peace! The show is serious with a dash of fun & entertainment…

11/14/17 Being Thankful on Thanksgiving Day!!!

#DailyDialoguewithDorisRadioShow presented their 1st holiday show of the season, our 2017 Thanksgiving Show. And we at "#DailyDialoguewithDoris" have many things to be thankful for this year! Our latest blessing is one we have been praying for since the show began in 2014, landing a "Spiritual Advisor" for the show and we finally have been blessed with [...]

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10/24/17 Election Integrity Project California gets New CEO!

#DailyDialoguewithDoris had one of their most outstanding shows to date! We were honored to have in studio the new CEO of the #ElectionIntegrityProjectCalifornia, renown speaker, business and political consultant, #MalcolmMcGough! We had been very fortunate to hear Malcolm speak a few months ago at the #VIPVolunteersInPolitics meeting and just knew in our hearts that we wanted to invite him to [...]

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10/10/17 Faith, Family and Freedom Revisited 2017

#DailyDialoguewithDoris showcases a warm and thoughtful show titled: "Faith, Family and Freedom Revisited 2017". With all the evil that seems to be bombarding us today, we are happy to have a new friend of Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke talk to us about "Faith"! She is Reverend Lenna Cooke-Carpentier/ Lenna Carpentier. Reverand Cooke-Carpentier comes from a long line [...]

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09/28/17 Spell the Word “LOVE”=”ROWAN”

#DailyDialoguewithDorisRadioShow offers a heart-warming and informative show titled: "They spell the word "LOVE"= R.O.W.A.N, Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network" This is a story of two people, who had never met each other in person and yet became friends from two opposite ends of the world... Host Doris Rivas-Brekke, a recent widow at the time in 2010 [...]

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09/12/17 Heads Up, Germs, Germs Everywhere; Be Smart!

Daily Dialogue with Doris presents a very informative show titled "Germs, Germs Everywhere; Headsup, Be Smart!" We were so excited to welcome Robert Romaine, inspector, teacher, consultant and founder of "Food Safety Consulting SD". Robert was recently quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune in an article called "The Danger that Lies Within" and pictured in [...]

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08/22/17 Catching Up with Return Guests Jackie Coleman & Rob Becerra!

#DailyDialoguewithDoris welcomed back two very informative and entertaining guests to catch up on the stories that they were interviewed on a few months ago... First we hear, from the great state of Arkansas,  #JackieColemanWren,who spoke to us about the unknown rodent species called "#Capybara". Jackie, who is an expert on capybaras, will let us know [...]

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08/08/17 Army Buddies Reconnect & share Stories

Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke put together an informative and fun show that we call "Army Buddies Reconnect & Share Stories!" Show host, Doris Rivas-Brekke, welcomes back an Army friend and business colleague, Kalen Arreola. Kalen is the head of Kalen Marie Consulting, a public relations strategy and marketing group based in Phoenix, Arizona. And [...]

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07/25/17 Remembering the Holocaust, “Legacies, Lies & Lullabies” by author Esther Levy

Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke features a moving show on the Holocaust and the story of survivors,who call themselves the "2nd generation survivors"...We interviewed Esther Levy about her beautiful book called "Legacies, Lies and Lullabies-The World of a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor". Also, show host Doris Rivas-Brekke attended and did volunteer work at San Diego, California's yearly famous homeless veterans event [...]

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06/27/ Capybaras, the Rodent People Love to Love!!!

Daily Dialogue with Doris is putting the finishing touches on an informative and fun show on the highly unknown rodent called the "Capybara"!! We are calling this show "Capybaras, the Unknown Rodent, People Truly Love"! But first, show host, Doris Rivas-Brekke, talks about the exciting weekend she had attending the biggest fund raising event for [...]

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06/13/17 Daily Dialogue with Doris talks Sharia Law in California

Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke has an informative show on the controversial subject of Sharia Law. We are calling this show "Sharia Law in the United States; Must be Stopped!" First, we chat with renown Christian music entertainer, David Meece, about his recent trip to San Diego to headline the Music Therapy for Veterans 1st Annual [...]

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