MISSION STATEMENT: Taking responsibility for your HEALTH and WELLNESS is the most precious gift people can give themselves. “An Investment in your Health is a commitment to improving everything else in your life” Our health is continuously challenged by poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress, all root causes of illness and reduced longevity. DOCSPEAK’s mission is to inform people how NUTRITION and specific LIFE STYLE changes help them lead healthier lives. Through a cascade of epigenetic effects, WELLNESS results. DOCSPEAK’s recommendations, “ help you make intelligent choices for a better you.” After providing our listeners with a PREVENTATIVE WELLNESS DIET applicable to a variety of Food Predilections, we will be discussing a wide variety of preventative health topics, which impact, on personal HEALTH and WELLNESS. Our PROMISE is to start with scientifically proven facts relevant to the topic grounded in classical biology, accepted metabolic pathways, ancestral evolutionary principles, and Behavior and the Neurosciences. Using theses facts as litmus tests, we will then assess varying trends and new theories of diet, nutrition, longevity, exercise physiology, and behavioral life changes. We will make every effort to share the controversies, and in keeping with our stated Mission, bring to the listener UNBIASED AND PROFITLESS PREVENTATIVE LIFE WELLNESS PRINCIPLES. With Integrity and Respect; Dr. J. and Dr. J. The Journey Starts Here (Video) ABOUT YOUR HOSTS: JONATHAN SMITH, MD., MBA. “I am an Agent of Change.” The USA is facing an Epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardio-vascular disease which, I believe, is killing its citizens, creating emotional turmoil in families, and financially bankrupting them, large and especially small businesses, and our nation. The processed groceries on supermarket shelves, and the fast foods we have easy access to, cause dramatic metabolic disturbances in humans, and ARE the root causes of these Epidemics. As a retired Anesthesiologist (Clinical Physiologist, Clinical Pharmacologist), after dedicating 40 years to treating illness, I have redirected my healing and caring passion towards promoting WELLNESS … “ it is far more fun and rewarding! “I am driven to making an impact on people’s lives by changing behaviors and setting an example, beginning first and foremost with the individual, and then moving to the workplace. I possess an Intimate, practical understanding of human physiology, pharmacology, and motivation. As well, from my studies in an MBA program, I acquired an ‘economics’ understanding of energy (fuel), supply and demand, and utilization and storage in the human ‘machine’. Collectively this allows one to assess the cost of disruption of the human being as a whole. JEFFREY A. WINFIELD, MD.PhD. My compassion and passion for patient healing initially arose from my traumatic introduction to medicine and surgery. At the age of 4 and a half, as an innocent bystander, I was engulfed in a ball of flaming anti-freeze, leaving me in a coma for a month, and sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 70% of my body and face. According to my mother, despite the predications of doctors back in 1955/6 that I would in all likely hood die, “ St. Anthony didn’t want that to happen.” By the age of sixteen I’d been through over 20 reconstructive plastic surgeries. I’m indebted to my plastic surgeon, Dr. Snider and Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California. These and subsequent experiences deeply imprinted within my soul, “what it feels like to be the patient.” A love of science lead me to purse degrees in Cellular and Organismal Biology, and a second degree in Physiological Psychology at UCSB. Neuroscience and “awake craniotomies” at the Montreal Neurologic Institute held me captivated, and I eventually completed a fellowship there. At Albert Einstein I received my MD. In General Medicine, and a PhD in Neuroscience and Neuro-Anatomy, followed by completing General Surgery and a Neurosurgery residencies at Johns Hopkins. For ten years I was in academics as Head of Pediatric NS and Neurosurgical Oncology, and another 15 in private practice specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery and implanting artificial discs. And although blessed with gifted technical skills, I was most proud of my demeanor, considered by my colleges as the antithesis of the arrogant and bombastic neurosurgeon’s persona; that of a truly caring physician with “ the bedside manner of a country family doc.”


The foundation for DocSpeak’s WELLNESS recommendations is our FOOD IS FUEL FORMULA. Unique to DocSpeak, this guiding nutritional template has the flexibility to be applied to the listener’s personal philosophical food preferences. This however is just the beginning, as there is much more to the pursuit of WELLNESS and LONGEVITY than just the understanding of [...]

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01/27/16 The Truth about Fructose, Sugars, and Artificial Sweetners

Previous shows have outlined in detail our foundational macro-nutritional based FOOD IS FUEL recommendations for the epigenetic prevention of multiple chronic disease, and cancer. This template however, is just the beginning of the WELLNESS journey. In todays show we will be discussing the disruptive metabolic effects of added sugars, in particular High Fructose Corn Syrup [...]

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01/13/16 Is Getting Cancer “… just bad luck?”, New HHS/USDA Dietary Recommendations, and What Fish Should be in Your Diet?

Welcome back to DocSpeak . Dr. J. and Dr. J. want to thank you for staying tuned to our show and moving forward, wish all our listeners the healthiest year of their life in 2016. December closed out 2015 with two important Health publications, which warrant DocSpeak’s attention and comments. First we‘ll review the latest [...]

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12/16/15 Docspeak’s Thoughts on Dairy

The First Principle of our previous 6 show mini series on “FOOD IS FUEL” was to understanding in some details the iso-metabolic aspects of the individual macro-nutritional groups. Essential to the pursuit of WELLNESS and LONGEVITY is the target ratios of each. In todays DocSpeak, we will begin applying these concepts to a specific FOOD [...]

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11/25/15 PROTEIN

“ PROTEIN: “   Besides having a healthy fat quiz question, and later an answer for our listeners, all of todays show will be devoted to a historical and scientific discussion of protein. We will cover myths and facts, human protein needs, and the nutritional and metabolic aspects of different protein sources. The entire [...]

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11/11/15 UNDERSTANDING HEALTHY FATS ; Applied knowledge for the Kitchen

Session #1 : Hot Topic: “RED MEAT CAUSES CANCER ! “ Last year’s media Health Alert in reference to “ Red Meat” was, heart disease caused by a compound produced from meat digestion by the human bodies biome, “gut bacteria”, called TMAO. It’s actually a ubiquitous compound in nature found in almost all [...]

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10/28/15 REBUILDING THE FOOD PYRAMID : More on Carbohydrates and Replacing Them with WHAT ?

SEGMENT 1 :  “ The Swedish Government’s National Food Recommendations Turns the USDA’s Food Pyramid UPSIDE DOWN and Removes 40% of USDA‘s Recommended building blocks. “   After a two-year independent study by a panel of experts, the SWEDISH Government recommended that its citizens follow a LOW CARBOHYDRATE AND FULL/WHOLE FAT DIET. Thus the USDA’s [...]

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10/14/15 THE SWEDISH GOVERNMENTS NEW DIETRY RECOMMENDATIONS : Introducing the Bases for a Low Carbohydrate Whole/Full Fat Diet .

CARBOHYDEATE’S UNHEALTHY METABOLIC CYCLE All carbohydrates are broken down into sugars in the GI tract and then absorbed. This causes excessive serum glucose spikes, especially from high glycemic index foods with refined carbohydrates. THIS RESULTS IN A HORMONAL INSULIN SPIKE The more carbohydrates, the higher the levels of Insulin, leading to the development of INSULIN [...]

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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” ― Hippocrates  SEGMENT #1 :  “What Got Us into Medicine and Created a Passion for Wellness.” See Biographies above for Jonathan Smith, MD. MBA. and Jeffrey [...]

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