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About the Host:
Clarice Connolly is a Women’s Empowerment Coach working with individuals in self-guided realization, to feel through and normalize their experiences in life. To provide food for thought to support in soothing one’s soul.
There is something really sweet that happens when you realize you are not alone. When struggling with feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and worth; You are provided with the opportunity to listen in to the pain screaming to be healed. Take an hour for yourself and un-limit your beliefs, be held by each podcast and see yourself for your power and beauty within. Tune in live every first and third Friday of the month at 8am pst. .EmpoweringWomen.Coach

05/05/17 Celebrate YOURSELF!

How often do you celebrate YOU!? Really... C E L E B R A T E! What does it even look like to celebrate? What if it did not involve an adult beverage or even spending money? Can you source yourself from the inside out? Today, May 5th 2017 is my 5 year anniversary of [...]

04/21/17 Are You A Victim To Your Circumstances?

VICTIM! ...Me?? I am NOT and will NOT be a victim.. I know.. Me too! Listen in as we share a few of the sneaky ways you did not consider how you could be showing up as a victim. Being a victim to a circumstance is something you might not even be aware of that [...]

04/07/17 Normalizing Shame

Ever wonder what those body sensations were pointing to? You know, the ones that have you flush and warm all over. The thing that happens that shuts you down in side or continues to occur more often that not. Like you can explain and understand guilt, embarrassment and doubt but that just doesn't full describe [...]

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03/18/17 No One Has To Respect Your Boundaries Except For You

On this episode, my roommate, soul sister, and brilliant scholar Ruby June, spend time diving into yet another topic not so often talked about. Boundaries. What is a boundary? Why does it even matter and what does working on creating them even do? We discuss ways that boundaries show up and challenge you. Listen in [...]

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03/03/17 Making My OCD Perfect

What you don't own in life owns you. This episode I let you in to a day in the life of a "Perfectionist". As I share vulnerably, I hope to normalize your experience of whatever it is in life you struggle with. Mine happens to be the need for perfection and how OCD really can [...]

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02/18/17 The Things You Seek Are Seeking You

Have you ever noticed that there are patterns in your life that continue to show up over and over again? It's like you escape it once and turn around there you are in the same situation but with different people? This episode Vidya Mayani and I, explain how these types of situations unfolded for us, [...]

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