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International Dialogues Radio is provided Cynthia Dillon was born in New York and grew up in Buenos Aires and Tokyo. For many years she lived in Madrid, Spain… Her work, as international designer, has taken her to many different countries and exposed her to different cultures… Cynthia has been the Host and Producer of the radio show ( RepublicansAbroadRadio ) which she started and developed in January 2009 as another “communications venue” for American residents overseas…. For 6 years Cynthia brought together on her radio show the who’s who of politics, business and culture from the Nation’s Capital and abroad… with commentary and opinions on the socio-economic and political atmosphere in Washington, DC and overseas. There have been more than 250,000 downloads in that period for RARadio show; with a large following in the US and internationally. Follow her at @DillonCynthia

08/24/2016 Radio Show: Dr. Volker Anding, Former German Ambassador

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08/17/2016 Radio Show: Citizen Journalism- V. A Ruth, C. Dillon; Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Rep. of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the United States

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08/13/16 The Senior Vote – The 60 Plus Assn; Congressional Campaign. 23d District, Florida.

Segment 1 The Senior Vote. 60 Plus Association vs. AARP. James L. Martin. Chairman, 60 Plus Association James L. Martin, Marine Corps Veteran, a University of Florida graduate and businessman is Chair of the 60 Plus Association, a 7.2 million member organization which lobbies Congress on behalf of seniors. (An interesting anecdote…Mr. Martin, while Chief [...]

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08/03/16 Liberalism: On How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies And Wimps; Thoughts on Trade and NAFTA08/03/16 Liberalism: On How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies And Wimps; Thoughts on Trade and NAFTA

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07/27/2016 Gregory T. Angelo, President Log Cabin Republicans; Michael Barnett, Chairman, Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Fl.

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04/06/16 Niger Innis and Tea Party Forward

Segment 1: Wisconsin Primary Results. Elections 2016. Niger Innis Niger Innis is an American activist and politician. Mr. Innis is Chairman of the organization, Tea Party Forward and is national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, CORE, founded by his father,  a member of the 1960's Civil Rights' movement. Mr. Innis  compares (to a [...]

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03/30/16 International Republican Institute- Ramsey Day, Country Director, Jordan; Valerie Dowling, Director, Women’s Democracy Network

Segment 1:  Women in Leadership.  Jordan.  Ramsey Day,  Country Director-Jordan, IRI Ramsey Day has served as the Country Director for the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Amman, Jordan since 2014. His U.S. government service includes serving as the Country Representative for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Montenegro as well as the [...]

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03/30/16 Political Campaigns and Consultants – Election 2016

Segment 1; Campaigns & Consultants.   Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor , Inc. Ken Feltman is past President of IAPC, International Association of Political Consultants. He is Chairman of Radnor, Inc. ( which has affiliations with political and legislative firms throughout the world. Radnor advises foreign corporations on US legislative and political issues.  Mr. Feltman  speaks [...]

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03/23/16 Javier A. López,Cuban American Bar Association; Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

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03/03/16 CPAC 2016 -International Dialogues on Radio Row Hour 2

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