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Join host, life and leadership coach, and adventurer Sean O’Connor as he explores how we can bring more joy into our lives, create it in the world around us, and craft our personal and collective journeys in extraordinary and richly fulfilling ways. In this program, coach Sean O’Connor invites guests on from different industries and all walks of life to share their personal expertise and experiences that inspire and help answer the question: How can we create a more joyful experience of life?

About the Host:
Sean is a professional life and leadership coach, an on-air host, producer, and lover of mountaintops, dips in the ocean, and the amazing world we live in. He’s on a quest to create more joy in the world. Connect with Sean more on his website at

09/06/16 Veganism and the Art of Intention Setting

Coach, fitness trainer, and celebrated Vegan Zachary Koval joins us for a discussion about how bringing intention everywhere in our lives can lead to more joy.

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08/16/16 Finding Power and Play in Voice and Body

In this episode we are joined by Kacey Cardin and Maximus DeFrancesco to talk opera, burlesque, opera burlesque, hockey, and what an amazing tool our voice is.

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06/21/16 Providing Service in the World

Life coach Jennifer Bailey joins for a conversation about how providing for others in the world can actually cause us to change, grow, and ultimately experience more joy in our lives.

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06/13/16 Self Expression & Feeling All the Feels

In the wake of the tragic massacre in Florida, Sean and Coach Laura Westman explore what it is to feel heartbreak fully, how this can allow us to feel joy fully, and relate this to fully expressing ourselves in all realms, including creatively.

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06/07/16 A Tale of Two Trails

A ride into exploration of two-wheeled travel around the US. Nate Berkopek shares perspective of his journey across the United States by motorcycle. And Nat Geo photographer Tyler Metcalfe gives us a report from his trans-America bike ride.

05/17/16 Getting Intimate with the Wild World Around You

Today we explore the art of stillness and tuning in to the frequency of the environment around you. Natural history and conversation photographer Clay Bolt shares with us where he found his passion for documenting wildlife through photographs and why there's an opportunity for us all to get connected with the amazing natural world around [...]

04/25/16 Creating Community with Sports & Fitness

We're all looking or longing for community, and in this episode we explore the joy of engaging in communities around sports and fitness. Steve Selnick and Ben Otto, Co-Leaders of the Los Angeles tribe of the November Project talk about the world takeover of this free fitness movement. And Cecilia Vales, founder of She Wins, [...]

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04/19/16 Moving That Body

Letting loose and moving your body to the music can feel real good. Conley Wake Zani joins us to talk about Zumba and what this global dance fitness movement has done for a small community in Rhode Island, and Megan Taylor Morrison talks adventuring in Brazil to the beats of samba and what gets in [...]

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04/05/16 Joy in Play and Parks

Tap into your unleashed, disconnected self, away from email, cell phones, and stress. Kai Dickens is the founder of Playology and helps people bring more PLAY into their lives--straight out of the school yard kind of play that we lost after childhood. We are also joined by Alanna Sobel to talk about finding JOY in [...]

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03/15/16 Finding Joy in the Bedroom: Intimacy, Play, and Love

Coach Sophia Casey takes a joy ride with the host to look at how joy is created and expressed in life's more intimate moments, and how joy created in the bedroom is actually a product of the joy we cultivate elsewhere, with ourselves, others, and our higher power.

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