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The LAST Battle is the show where we explore the latest and greatest on Leadership, Advocacy, Science and Therapies in the battle against cancer. On The LAST Battle, we’ll be exploring with global innovators and leaders the many exciting developments that are driving optimism in the world of cancer. Great Thanks for listening as we move forward with The LAST Battle, a Cloudcast Media production.

About the Host:
The LAST Battle is hosted by Dr. Joe Raffa, a 30 year veteran in the cancer challenge, with an emphasis on systems and data strategies to provide access to information for patients, families and research scientists. Whether it was his work with the American Cancer Society, the San Diego County Cancer Navigator, his doctoral research on the culture of cancer, or while writing his book, Why No Cure?, in 2014, Dr. Raffa always brings his passion, collaborative mindset and his personal experience with cancer to the quest for excellence in The LAST Battle against cancer.

01/24/19 Cancer is a Chameleon

A fascinating conversation with Salk Institute cancer research scientist Dr. Geoffrey Wahl and cancer survivor and advocate Bianca Kennedy. We discuss cancer as chameleon, artificial intelligence and Dr. Wahl's view that a patient advocate should be embedded into every research lab. And Bianca Kennedy shares her journey, family history and why she volunteers at Salk. [...]

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10/25/18 Exploring ADVOCACY with Lizzie Wittig, Komen San Diego

In this episode of The LAST Battle, the show that highlights the latest and greatest on leadership, advocacy, science and therapy in the battle against cancer, we were thrilled to have on the show Lizzie Wittig, the Director of Mission Initiatives and Public Policy for Susan G. Komen San Diego. We learned how Komen has [...]

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