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Whether you’re a fitness competitor, gym enthusiast or just wanting to stay healthy, this Hour is for you. Covering topics to help to you stay current, informed and inspired. from the latest workout tips, overcoming obstacles while trying to reach your goals, along with inspirational discussions (to justify the “Why” we are so committed).
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PD Devers
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Fitness Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
Mind, body and soul alignment advocate
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11/29/14 Reclaiming Our Freedom through Meditation

A discussion on the different types of meditation available to tap into your true self. Meditation is a practice in removing our obstacles to inner peace. Dr. Hillari Hamilton and Laurie Gentempo share their challenges and their success with their personal practices.

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11/15/14 The POWER starts in the MIND

Science is now backing up what accent wisdom has always known. Health and our ability to heal happens with paying attention to our thoughts. They literally manifest physically as Ease or DIS- Ease in our body. Science has measured the different states in which the brain functions and what type of waves it produces. We [...]

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09/27/14 Transforming Your Mind, Your Health and Your Life

An amazing discussion on TRANSFORMATION w Dr Hilari Hamilton

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08/23/14 Motivation Drives Transformation and Life Purpose

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08/16/14 Brian Jordan: Extraordinary 2 Sport Legend (NFL/MLB)

Brian and PD explore what is in the heart of a champion.

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07/26/14 Live from Las Vegas – Celebrating the Pros featuring New IFBB Pros Otto Montgomery and TA Martin

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07/12/14 From the Mind of a Champion

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06/28/14 Conscious Parenting

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06/07/14 Mr. California, 2014 – Richard Williams Speaks in Mind, and Inside the Mind of a Survivor, Persevering Through Life’s Challenges

Segment 1 - Interview with 2014 Mr. California Bodybuilding Champion Richard Williams. Segment 2 - 4 Interview w Sean Cary, retired Navy Seal

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05/17/14 Step into Your Own Greatness, One Thought at a Time – Dr. Hilari Hamilton

“The best way to predict your future is to create it. Step into your own Greatness one thought at a time. Scientific research that will show you how much your mind matters” Hear how with Dr. Hilari Hamilton.

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