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“Performance in Motion” is a show that will showcase the top athletes from all levels (professional, college, high school, middle school), coaches, doctors,nutritionists, sports psychologists, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and other health-related experts in an interview style format where Dr Deniz and guests will be discussing current training regimen’s, sports nutrition, sports psychology techniques, advancements in injury prevention and rehabilitation,……….

About the Host “I am a Movement Doctor- In short, I accurately identify functional versus dysfunctional movement patterns; and from a highly-detailed analysis, I develop customized programs that address the individualized goals of each client resulting in better performance for competitive athletes, middle-aged adults who participate in seasonal leagues or training for an event, and people who are “weekend warriors.” I deliver them in a personal, portable (mobile), and convenient manner- I not only treat the diagnosis, but I treat entire person. If you truly want to change your life, then I am the Movement Doctor for you. “YOU WILL PLAY AND MOVE BETTER, LONGER!!!”

08/16/17 MMA Expert Carlos Kremer shares Performance Training and Nutrition

Dr. Deniz had the opportunity of having MMA Expert Commentator and Competitor, Mr. Carlos Kremer on his show to share his passion, relentless perseverance, how he got started in MMA, his training regimen, injuries sustained and his recovery, his customized nutrition program, and advice for young athletes and their parents on how and where to [...]

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07/26/17 Premiere Episode – Dr. Deniz’s Mission of Athletic Well Being

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