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Welcome to Re-Creation Radio! The interactive theatrical experience, The Re-Creation Encounter – which Kinja is touring the globe with has inspired him to produce a podcast that explores the transformations made by people from all walks of life that were inspired by an event that changed their entire view of life afterwards. These people took their experience, regardless of the “conditions” and allowed it to create real life lessons and Re-Creation Radio allows the listeners to gain practical advice first hand to help enhance their future steps immediately… About the Host: Kinja Dixon is an award-winning sales expert, motivational speaker, and life coach. In fact, he is the only person (in the history of Sales) to win both the prestigious Gold Stevie Award and American Resort Development Association Award (ARDA) for Top In-House Salesperson in the same year.

10/05/16 You Are Enough! Speak Up, Stand Out and Shine!

YOU ARE ENOUGH! The author of the newly released book, Speak up, Stand out and Shine and creator of Transform Your Performance, Regina Huber has a way of making everyone that she pours into understand just how valuable they are. After surviving some major setbacks, Regina was forced to start the inward journey to self-mastery [...]

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09/26/16 Life Provides Abundance based on Self Sufficiency – Earline Thorpe

"Over these 72 years of living, I have finally realized what life can give to a woman who truly understands what being self sufficient is.." "When I was 44 years old and on the floor going through another robbery, I realized that it was time for a re-creation in my life".....Earline Thorpe has lived a [...]

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09/09/16 How do you increase your BRAND VALUE?

When it comes to the word BRAND, what comes to mind? How do you increase your BRAND VALUE? This edition of Re-Creation Radio attacks these answers from one of the most holistic approaches that I have ever come across. The great majority of brand management speaks about perception but the chief editing managing executive of [...]

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08/17/16 Transforming the Body and Spirit with Yoga and Music

Often when it comes to relationships, there are many times when women suffer by playing a position that limits their inner power. This edition of Re-Creation Radio explores how Dionne Monsanto turned some signals in her past marriage into a major life awakening. The illumination has led her to impact thousands all over the globe [...]

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08/09/16 What is an Addiction?

What is an addiction? This journey by Cam Adair not only answers this question, but demonstrates how a person can turn their biggest vulnerability into strength to build another version of their reality. “I was at a point where I was not even aware of my emotions”….As the creative spirit behind explored his mental [...]

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08/02/16 Thinking About the Food we Consume. What are You Eating?

After you consider the importance that each breath and thought that you have has on your well being, what would be next on your list? What does Da vinci, Plato, Hippocrates, Bill Gates, Einstein and Confucius all have in common? "People look at this world as if we are at the top of the pyramid, [...]

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07/11/16 Re-Creating Your Life After Divorce. A Dad’s Story

What would you do if your spouse left you with 5 kids to take care of all on your own? What are some of the challenges that you could imagine having to overcome during that season of your life? My guest turned what most would consider impossible, into a life that was fully yet positively [...]

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05/20/16 The Dark Spartan Transformed his Mind, Body and Soul

  Mind, body and soul takes on a new meaning with the dedication that this man has instilled into himself and his clients lives. The co-founder of the Dark Spartan Health Enhancement Movement and Gold winner for Physique Class B height WNBF Pro did not always know how to mold his shape into any form [...]

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05/17/16 The 747 Club, Providing World-Class Experiences

  This week’s guest, Chris Schembra’s says that his true Re-Creation took place in the 1970’s and he was not born until 1982. This Broadway show producer, Easter Seal board member and creator of the 747 club, an organization that provides world-class experiences for people of influence all over the world, has had many light [...]

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04/23/16 Re-Creating a Life, After Incarceration

What is the worst thing that you had to overcome in your life? To take it further, did you overcome it or did you slowly but surely let it turn you into a lower version of yourself because of FEAR taking over? Re-Creation Radio allows people from all walks to explore an event or season [...]

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