11/08/17 From Mexico to UCSD – The Experience

Oscar Vazquez Mena and Maria Garcia co host this show on the experience to Chicanos have leaving home and attending UCSD. These two guest took different paths to reaching UCSD/ Joshua Castro is a third year college student in Nano Engineering and Miguel Moreno a 2nd year student in Nano Engineering. Joshua is from San [...]

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11/1/17 Writing about the History of the San Diego South Bay

Barbara Zaragoza grew up in San Francisco Bay area. She married a military man that that resulted in them being stationed in two locations that changed her life. The first location was San Ysidro Calif. the second one being Napoli, Italy. While in Napoli she started a blog telling other military families about what they [...]

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10/25/17 From the streets of Tijuana to being a journalist

There are three guest, Augie Bareno, Denise Romero, and author Fernando Romero. Mr. Romero is the author of the book THE COLOR OF EDEN. Fernando will be remembered as working for the series of articles he did about the crime in Tijuana. In this book his journey to his success is told by Fernando himself. [...]

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10/11/17 Chicano Studies at San Diego State University

This program deals with the Chicano Studies Program at San Diego State University. The guest at Dr. Isidro Ortiz and Dr. Roberto Hernandez. both of whom teach Chicano Studies at SDSU. Isidro grew up in Texas and Roberto from San Ysidro Calif. Both men come from families that encouraged education though they themselves did not [...]

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09/20/17 Casa Cornelia Law Center

Our guest is Carmen Chavez CEO and attorney for Casa Conelia a non-profit immigration law center. Her mother was an activist that took Carmen and her brothers to demonstrations, picket lines and many community activities. At the age of 14 Carmen attended a Chicana leadership conference in Los Angeles and from that day forward she [...]

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09/13/17 San Diego Report on DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

This program discussed the current DACA program The three guest are Elizabeth Camarena Associate Director of Casa Cornelia, Yunen Mora Associate Attorney in the office of Lilia Velasquez and Alejandra Garcia herself a DACA recipient. The Presidents decision to do away with DACA has changed the hopes and dreams of over 800,000 recipients. Renewals must [...]

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09/06/17 Writing Historical Books on Latinos

The guest today is Dr. Ricardo Griswold de Castillo a former Chicano studies professor, an author, and an activist. Ricardo is the founder and chairperson for the Chicano archives at San Diego State University. Ricardo speaks of the difference between Cinco de Mayo and the Real Mexican Independence day (Sept 16.) Sept 16 is when [...]

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08/30/17 Photography in the Mexican American Community

My guest is Manuel (Memo) Cavada a photographer from National City. That description is much to simple to tell you about this artist. Memo is a war hero, has photographed President Reagan as well as poor villagers in the small cities of Mexico. Memo shares very frank stories about his life and the many stories [...]

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08/23/17 The Urban Corps

There are three guest on this program.: Robert Chavez executive director of the San Diego Urban Corps, Brenda Figueroa, program player, student service coordinator. and Zoila Ramirez a Urban Corps student. The Urban Corps is a program for 18-26 year olds that helps them achieve a high school diploma as well as job training. One [...]

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08/16/17 Ethnic Studies

Today we have three guests, Eveline Torres bilingual/special education teacher, Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geuteen bilingual teacher, and chair of the SDUSD Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee and Dr. Guillermo Gomez, Founder of the ethnic studies program and one of the original members of the Association of Raza educators. All three are passionate about the importance and the [...]

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