03/23/17 Growing up in Logan Heights

here are two guests, who were both past residents of Logan Heights. My guests are Roger Talamantez and Gilbert Reyes. Both have family members that worked in the Canneries. They spoke about the difference employment at the cannery made in the life of their families. One advantage of working at the cannery is you qualified [...]

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03/08/17 The History of Low Riders

Two local Chicanos, Albert Pulido and Rigorberto "Rigo" Reyes will discuss the book they wrote about the history of low riders, in San Diego and Tijuana Interesting that in the 70's and 80's car clubs were international. Cruising not only Highland Ave in National City and Playas de Tijuana in Mexico There are 8 qualities [...]

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03/01/17 Las Mananitas Breakfast Supports the Cesar Chavez Clubs

This program will focus on Las Mananitas a breakfast fund raising event to support the Cesar Chavez Clubs. The guest for this program is Linda LeGerrette.. The clubs are unique to San Diego and are found in 24 schools. They are a tribute to Cesar's legacy / This year the breakfast will honor Luis Valdez. [...]

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02/08/17 Southwestern College’s Award Winning Collegiate Newspaper

Today's four guest are Dr. Max Branscom Professor of Journalism and adviser to Americans #w ranked collegiate newspaper. Mirella Lopez, Editor-in-chief. Alyssa Pajarilio, Viewpoints Editor, sex columnist and Christopher Garcia former News Editor and now a journalism student at CSU Long Beach. The discussion will focus on what it takes to put together a student [...]

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02/01/17 Living in Logan Heights

90 year old Emma Lopez grew up in Logan Heights. Her parents owned the Neighborhood Café that was located on National Ave. Emma learned to cook, sew and dance at the Neighborhood House. Emma attend Memorial Jr. High and San Diego High School. Her childhood memories include riding the ferry to Coronado, WWII and dances [...]

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01/25/17 “La Neighbor: A Settlement House in Logan Heights”

Wade Taylor interviews Host and Author Maria Garcia about her book "La Neighbor". This book focuses about a settlement house that was the heart of the Logan Heights community. Many of the stories tell of the discrimination and contributions Mexican American faced in San Diego. Maria discusses WWII, learning to swim at Caquita Beach and [...]

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01/18/17 Planned Parenthood

The guest are Nora Vargas and Zohreh ( Zora ) Akhavan. Nora is Planned Parenthood's first Latina VP and has been politically active since the days she volunteered on the Bill Clinton campaign. Zora is a volunteer with Planned Parenthood whose mother, a political prisoner from Iran, fled bringing Zora with her.

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01/11/17 Latina on the National City – Alejandra Soltero Solis City Council Person.

In fifth grade Alejandra Soltero Solis announced she wanted to be the mayor of National City. On todays show she announced she will be running for Mayor of National City in 2018. Alejandra grew up in National city, attended schools in National City. She majored in Political Science and social justice at UCSD. She was [...]

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11/30/16 Activism in the Chicano Community

My guest is Louis Natividad. Luis has been an activist since the 1960's He is born in the U.S. but as a boy lived in Tijuana Mexico. Luis will speak about the cultural Shock he experienced when arriving in the U.S. Luis was a once a director of Chicano Federation. He has worked for different [...]

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11/23/16 Latinos in World War II

The guest for this show is Gus Chavez former director of EOP at SDSU. Gus has done intensive work with the Latino/a WWII oral history project. As we celebrated Veterans day three was/ not much information about the contributions Latino/a made not only in WWII but WWI, Korean, Vietnam and every war since then.

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