06/14/17 Enrique Morones and Border Angels

Enrique Morones is the founder and director of Border Angeles He was born and raised in San Diego. His father was involved with Mexican Labor Unions in Mexico and came to San Diego to work in the Fish and Game of for Mexico. He joking brags that St Augustine is the Greatest High School , [...]

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06/07/17 Mary Salas: Latina Mayor

In San Diego county there is only one Latina Mayor. Mary Salas, who grew up in Chula Vista was elected Mayor in 2014. Another factor that makes Mary unique is that she is a fifth generation resident of Chula Vista. She is the first women to win an election with first being appointed. Mary discusses [...]

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05/31/17 Immigration and Deportation

There are two guest for this program, Mark Lane and Francisco Duarte. Mark has a long record of working with disenfranchised communities Franciscos' parents were recently arrested by ICE leaving his three siblings to live alone. On the day his parents were taken into custody he was awaken when his siblings came into his room [...]

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04/26/17 Dual /bilingual education and the Seal of Bi-literacy

This program has three guests. The two in studio guest are Rosalia Salinas former senior director of curriculum at the SD County Office of Education and Brandon Brizuela a college student and a recipient of the Bea Gonzales Scholarship. The third guest is a call in guest, Shelly Speigel-Coleman Executive Director of California Together. The [...]

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04/19/17 Growing a Business in Logan Heights

Diego and Son Printing company has been located in Logan Heights since 1972. Diego and Betty Aguilera started this printing business with a loan from the Small Business Administration. There first location was a rented building in Logan Heights . Today they own the building were the printing company is located. The business today is [...]

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04/12/17 Growing up in Shelltown

Roger Cazares and Augie Bareno two very successful community members discuss the childhood when living in Shelltown. Shelltown is the area around St Jude's Church with such names as Delta, Beta and Epsilon. If your wondering how Shelltown got it's name tune in and find out. The role that sports, neighbors and families played in [...]

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04/05/17 Repatriation, Operation Wetback, and the Wall

Anna Daniels from the SD Free Press is discussing some of the effect repatriation and operation wetback had on the Mexican and Mexican American community. The United States has encouraged and used Mexican and Mexican American labor when needed and then deported them when economic downturns occurred. In the late 1920's and early 1930 enforced [...]

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03/29/17 A Latina Council Member in Oceanside

Esther Sanchez was born and raised in Oceanside. This was in the days when Oceanside was a little military town and did not have the large population it has now. After high school she attended Brown University. Esther said that was the first time she felt she was different. While at Brown she became interested [...]

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03/23/17 Growing up in Logan Heights

here are two guests, who were both past residents of Logan Heights. My guests are Roger Talamantez and Gilbert Reyes. Both have family members that worked in the Canneries. They spoke about the difference employment at the cannery made in the life of their families. One advantage of working at the cannery is you qualified [...]

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03/08/17 The History of Low Riders

Two local Chicanos, Albert Pulido and Rigorberto "Rigo" Reyes will discuss the book they wrote about the history of low riders, in San Diego and Tijuana Interesting that in the 70's and 80's car clubs were international. Cruising not only Highland Ave in National City and Playas de Tijuana in Mexico There are 8 qualities [...]

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