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09/21/17 Traffic, Awareness and Visibility

Guest: Mark Simon of Brax

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09/19/17 Facebook Advertising Tips

We mix things up in this show, with guest host Sam Wheeler interviewing AMA San Diego VP Content Bill Winn on Facebook advertising best practices. Sam is an SEO Manager at Inseev Interactive, a San Diego performance digital marketing agency. With Facebook paid impressions, clicks and conversions getting increasingly expensive, we share insights on these [...]

09/15/17 FSB Core Strategies Win for You

Guest: David Murillo, SD-SHRM Executive Director

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9/14/17 Leticia Barr, Founder of Tech Savvy Mama

Leticia Barr, founder of the award-winning blog, Tech Savvy Mama, joins Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, for another great episode of PRfect Pitch! On this episode of PRfect Pitch Radio, Leticia and Nicole discuss all things blogging, media relations, and social influencers, and how PR touches all of those industries. Leticia tells [...]

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09/13/17 SDMAC and San Diego Regional Chamber Visit Washington, D.C.

09/13/17 San Diego Report on DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

This program discussed the current DACA program The three guest are Elizabeth Camarena Associate Director of Casa Cornelia, Yunen Mora Associate Attorney in the office of Lilia Velasquez and Alejandra Garcia herself a DACA recipient. The Presidents decision to do away with DACA has changed the hopes and dreams of over 800,000 recipients. Renewals must [...]

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09/06/17 Writing Historical Books on Latinos

The guest today is Dr. Ricardo Griswold de Castillo a former Chicano studies professor, an author, and an activist. Ricardo is the founder and chairperson for the Chicano archives at San Diego State University. Ricardo speaks of the difference between Cinco de Mayo and the Real Mexican Independence day (Sept 16.) Sept 16 is when [...]

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09/05/17 State of Marketing Report

On August 24, 2017, AMA San Diego published its 2017 State of Marketing Report - The San Diego Perspective. The report followed qualitative interviews with 32 marketing leaders from 38 area organizations. The organizations represented many sizes across a wide swath of industry sectors, from hospitality to community group, from consumer product to technology. We [...]

08/30/17 Photography in the Mexican American Community

My guest is Manuel (Memo) Cavada a photographer from National City. That description is much to simple to tell you about this artist. Memo is a war hero, has photographed President Reagan as well as poor villagers in the small cities of Mexico. Memo shares very frank stories about his life and the many stories [...]

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08/25/17 Beyond Mindfulness into the Conscious Eco-System

How to integrate leadership development, team synergy, and wellness to create a resilient and high performing team. Guest Host Tiffany David with guests Katy Bray and Zeb Severson talk about avoiding burnout and maintaining a high-performance atmosphere. Their approach integrates internal and external aspects of leadership that enable a culture of effectiveness. Websites: www.TotalPeople.Management

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