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04/18/17 Legal Help and More for Small Offices and Entrepreneurs

Barbara's first guest, Nait Patel, is Co-founder/Co-CEO of Should I Sign, Inc., which is a company on a mission to streamline access to legal services for startups and small businesses. Her second guest, Jeff Zbar, is founder of Chief Home Officer, and is a home-based writer and consultant specializing in entrepreneurship and home officing.

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04/18/17 Marketing Made Better By Data

Marketers tend to be intuitive folks. We generate hypotheses to serve as starting points for our marketing campaigns and then test them to find the best path forward. But why guess when you can use data as your launchpad? That's what Kirsty Nunez, President of Q2 Insights, wants to know. Kirsty joined guest host Mike Matamala, [...]

04/14/17 Workforce Empowerment and Optimization for Sustainability

Guest: Tiffany David, Chief People Person- HR Consulting- Speaker-Trainer Chief People Person at Total People Management Previous positions Director of Human Resources at Havas Edge HR Manager at QuickPlay Media

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04/14/17 Spotlight on San Diego Innovation and Startup Week

Eric Westreich, host of Startup Show San Diego, interviews Startup San Diego leaders talk about how to connect to the culture and inspiration; mentors and guides; and tools and resources of San Diego Startup Week, Jun 19 - 23, 2017. Experts share secrets on getting the most out of the week, and give insights into [...]

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04/13/17 SBA Awards; Meet the Award Winners

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4/13/17 Haje Jan Kamps: Contributor at TechCrunch, CEO + Startup Pro

Haje Jan Kamps, a contributor at TechCrunch, author, CEO and all-around pro communicator, joins Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, for another great episode of PRfect Pitch! Get to know Haje: Haje Jan Kamps is a contributor at TechCrunch, an inventor, author, freelance writer, journalist, photographer and editor. He’s currently the CEO at [...]

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04/12/17 Growing up in Shelltown

Roger Cazares and Augie Bareno two very successful community members discuss the childhood when living in Shelltown. Shelltown is the area around St Jude's Church with such names as Delta, Beta and Epsilon. If your wondering how Shelltown got it's name tune in and find out. The role that sports, neighbors and families played in [...]

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04/11/17 What You Don’t Know About EPLI and Wage & Hour Rules – Could Cost You Your Business!

As if business owners don't already have too much on their plates … on today's program we discuss two important issues: employment law and commercial insurance. Ignorance of either one of these areas could even bring about the end of the business … and has for others! What am I referring to? In studio today [...]

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04/08/17 Brenden Gay

Jeff and Jesse chat with currently touring comedian Brendan Gay.  They discuss him in midst of performing in 52 cities in 52 weeks, adjusting his material throughout the country, and taking advantage of every time on stage.

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04/06/17 SBDC Resources and Businesses they have Helped

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