Evan Fay Earle, Collections Assistant, Eastern Wine and Grape Archive (EWGA), Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York. “Cornell University is currently the only institution with an ongoing defined program to document the history of the production and consumption of wine in the United States.” Historical Records include: “letters, account books, diaries, scrapbooks, pamphlets, posters, memorabilia, field notes, scientific reports, winery publications and marketing materials. Other relevant materials may include drawings, photographs, videotapes, and oral histories, or any other documents that help tell the story of grape growing and winemaking in the United States.” http://news.library.cornell.edu/content/curators;
Evan Fay Earle, Curator, Song of the Vine: A History of Wine Exhibition shows how “grape growing and wine-making has conti

Preserves History of Wine Industry
A History of Wine Exhibition Cornell
Helps to Time-Starved Readers
Madrid Producing and Trading Wine
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