They say that those that can…do, while those that cannot…teach. So what then do we say about a person that can do both.


The best thing to do is listen because men and women like this are rare. Fortunately for us, we have Doug Noll. After a 22 year career as a trial lawyer, Doug recognized the need for change. The type of change that causes one to see that on some level the best way to begin to effect change on the outside world is to change what is happening within. He found success as a trial lawyer and a martial artist and after what he describes as, “…a soul changing moment” he recognized that even in that success, there had to be more. Doug opted to leave the life he had known and found so much success in to pursue an endeavor that could lead to success on a much larger scale.


We live in a global village. We are all a part of a world that when looked down from above, has no borders. Yet we argue and fight over territory, ideas and beliefs that essentially belong to no one individual or group. So how then do we resolve that? If history is any indication, we go to extreme measures to be heard. Through lies, deceit, espionage, war and, well, general politics, we fight to be loudest voice because it is in fact the loudest voice that gets heard and followed. Inevitably, it leads to chaos and ill will and ultimately…it leads to a world with borders.


Doug saw this and decided it was time to become more involved. After leaving his law practice he elected to pursue a Master’s Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. After achieving a 2nd degree black belt in Kung Fu, Doug studied the art of Tai Chi. Now, as a mediator, he specializes in mediating difficult and complex conflicts here and abroad. Doug Noll is a prime example of someone who is in fact stepping up to the plate to effect immediate and positive change in the world. We often find ourselves in positions in which we wish we could act immediately to effect change. But more often than not, we stand by, watch the event pass us and find ourselves playing a game of hindsight trivia.


But there are many of us who want more. Many of us who want to do more and become full participants in the quest for peace and understanding. The Doug Noll Show provides a platform for those that wish to be heard. It is a forum where listeners can learn about effective ways to resolve disputes and find peaceful resolutions on large, small and even personal scales.


If the saying is true, that those that can…do, and those that cannot…teach, then I submit to you that there is yet a third category…those that care. You see, those that care, can do both, and Doug Noll is a man that cares. Join him in his quest and listen to him every Thursday at 7pm on wsRadio (


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