Ever wonder what a legend looks and sounds like? We hear about these amazing human beings and rarely have the chance to talk with them let alone have them share their stories and journeys with us. One of the great things about being a radio host is that I get to seek out legends for all of us to talk with. This show features one such legend. Forrest “Woody” Mosten is a mediator, collaborative attorney, author, and Adjunct Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law who is in high demand as a keynote conference speaker and conflict resolution trainer throughout the world. Named as a Los Angeles Super Lawyer in Family Law and Mediation, Woody maintains an active practice as a family lawyer and never goes to court. As a disclaimer, I will also tell you that Woody and I are core faculty members of the American Institute of Mediation. Doug asks Woody to tell a little bit about his personal journey. Woody tells us that he started as a founding member of Jacoby and Myers in 1972. The conc

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Changing the World They say that those that can…do, while those that cannot…teach. So what then do we say about a person that can do both. The best thing to do is listen because men and women like this are rare. Fortunately for us, we have Doug Noll. After a 22 year career as a trial lawyer, Doug recognized the need for change. The type of change that causes one to see that on some level the best way to begin to effect change on the outside world is to change what is happening within. He found success as a trial lawyer and a martial artist and after what he describes as, “…a soul changing moment” he recognized that even in that success, there had to be more. Doug opted to leave the life he had known and found so much success in to pursue an endeavor that could lead to success on a much larger scale. Read More: Doug Noll Bio