Marc has notice an uptick in the availabilty of the Wii and he takes a look at cool stuff for it including American Idol Revolution. Also, tips for dealing with Tech Support and on-line bill paying. 5/9 We talk about tech support and online bill paying. American idol revolution. for the wii.
Marc noticed that there seems to be a bit nmore availability on the Wii in stores lately 2nd bob calls in and talks about upcharges on cell phomne bill. Negotiating when your contract comes up, the “rentention” department can give you special deals to keep you with the company.. so hold out andpolitely ask for more! More on tech support..
Marsha talked about a positive experience with an online service, Channel Advisor. Marc discussed comsumer reports list if how Tec support stacks up: Laptops Apple Lenovo Dell Toshiba Gateway Sny HP Deskyops Apple Dell Gateway HP Cmpaq; Bill from Pasadena calls in and starts a discussion about ma

Cool Things on the Wii and Dealing with Tech Support
Tips to Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill
Callers, Computer Basics and Our DVD Reviews
Marc, Marsha and You
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