In the 1980s, after a significant loss of acreage following a severe hailstorm threatened the family’s survival in agriculture, Lee Jones met a chef who was interested in purchasing squash blossoms. Recognizing the like-minded methods and philosophies, the Jones Family has supplied produce to some of the finest restaurants around the world for nearly 30 years. The Chef’s Garden is located in Huron, Ohio, less than three miles from the shores of Lake Erie.Link: Segment-1 Audio-Blog;
Farmer Lee Jones has been a pioneer of the sustainable agriculture movement, keeping The Chef’s Garden on the cutting edge, growing some of the finest tasting and most nutritious vegetables in the world. Putting the chef first approach has allowed The Chef’s Garden to grow an ever-expanding selection of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and Micro Greens sold to working chefs. Jones sits on the board of Chef Magazine. He has been featured in numerous national publications and

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