Pierre de Benoist, nephew of Aubert De Villaine, proprietor of Domaine de la Romane-Conti and Domaine De Villaine, Bouzeron, Premier Cru Appellation is devoted to Aligot233; , Burgundy’s native grape, pure and authentic organic wines. Bouzeron is raised in large oak foudres in order to allow the Aligot233; grape to realize its full potential. The long-standing tradition is to plant Aligot233; on the flatlands but at Domaine de Villaine the native grapes is planted on slopes with the utmost attention to detail and future expression of terroir, present and future. Aligot233; enjoys its greatest expression in Bouzeron, with this domaine realizing the grapes true character is liveliness, exuberance, playfulness. There is no masking it in new oak, parading it as something it’s not. A sterile, stainless steel levage is shunned as well in favor of a process that allows the wine to develop like a great white Burgundy while preserving its vigor.” Website: Aligot233; in Bouzeron

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