Rick Maiman, professional sports photographer, calls in from his assignment shooting Tennis at Flushing Meadows. Rick talks about digital cameras and their use in sports and makes recommemndations for the home user.;
Call in from Steven in Massachusetts about recieivng HD TV signals over the air Rick makes recommendations as to which types of memory are ther best to use in cameras. We discuss the best backup methods for your media files. We also discuss media formats for your photos and how to get the most out of each picture you take.;
Marsha Collier gives the tech news of the week: traveling with laptops, wi-fi in the sky and more.; Marc talks about new products from iHome. Bob from San Diego calls in about the new Palm Treo. We discuss the differences between the various cell phone providers.
Marsha reviews some of eBay’s changes and makes some recommemndations and suggestions as how

Digital Camera Tips from a Pro
Digital Cameras and Media Format Tips from a Pro
Tech News and Tips for the Travelling Computor
iHome, Palm Treo and eBay Tips
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