Wine writer Jacqueline Friedrich talks to us from her home near Chinon, an area internationally known for red wines made from Cabernet Franc. A New Yorker by birth and Civil-Rights protester, her first passion was civil rights law and language. A trip to the Loire Valley in the late 1980s changed her life’s direction. Marlene Rossman writes about wine and food for Chef magazine and teaches ‘A Sommelier’s Secret Guide to the Wine List: Wine and Food Galore’ via UC Irvine, Extension, Specialized Studies Program.;
In 1989, Jacqueline Friedrich moved to France to write a book about the wines and foods of the Loire basin….. which represents 20 percent of France. Presently, she is working on the second edition. Her writing style is entirely narrative, devoid of frigid ratings, including the social history of each village and family. Her writing perspective is holistic, uncommon in

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The Wine Humanist: Wine By People
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