Jennifer E Thorn Co- Founder fo the Moxie Theater

Moxie Theatre presents Lynne Nottage’s the story of Ernestine Crump. The young African American’s life is upended when her communist aunt moves in preaching feminism and her father comes home with a new white wife. Delicia Turner Sonnenberg directs.


Craig Prater

Craig Prater Director of the Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Thursday, February 06 – Sunday, February 16

The 24th annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival will feature 60 films in five locations, and welcome twenty filmmakers and special guests. This year’s selection will showcase the diversity of filmmakers from around the world, reflecting Jewish life, identity, and experiences from multiple perspectives.


Dr. Jonathan Smith Exchange Club Talent Show

The Exchange Club Annual Search for Talent Contest provides youth an opportunity to improve their talents by performing publicly in a friendly competiton.  It is open to Children and Teen Agers from 6 through 19 years of age.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 1pm

Liberty Hall Theater

Paradise Village

2700 E 4th Street

National City, CA 91950 

1 Jennifer E Thorn co founder of the Moxie Theather
2 Craig Prater the Jewish Film Festival
3 Dr. Jonathan Smith Talent show
4 Alan Mindell author