Hope Family Wines, a family-run wine producer with over 30 years of grape growing experience in Paso Robles, is inviting consumers to drink to a new beat. Winemaker and President Austin Hope joins us to talk about the launch of Wine DJ, the Liberty School iPhone application created to build a playlist of Music to Match Your Spirits based on mood, setting and which Liberty School wine is being consumed. The application is available for download free via Apples app store and on Apples iTunes. With the launch of the Wine DJ, Hope Family Wines is asserting its role as an innovative vintner by combining technology, music and affordable wines in a creative retail program geared toward the Millennial generation. http://www.winedj.com/;
Hope Family Wines is a family-owned and operated wine producer in Paso Robles, CA encompassing five brands: Liberty School, Candor, Treana, Austin Hope and Westside Wines. The WINE DJ L

WINE DJ Liberty School Winery iPHONE APP
The WINE DJ Liberty School iPhone app
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First Annual Pinot Days Southern California
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