Paul Frank and Darryl Frank, high-profile television and film executives, were brought up in an extremely unusual household that included Disney, Paramount Studios, Hollywood lifestyle, travel, and exposure to fantastic foods, wines, and cultures around the world. We begin to explore how wine is portrayed in film and television. It’s all in the detail: glassware, remarks made by characters, written by non-wine-drinking writers… clueless or not. There’s the obvious opportunity, an obligation, to educate the public. Why not?
; According to Paul Frank, there is a correlation between artisan products, in this conversation… film, television, and wine. The open-ended objective, whether a wine consumer, a television or film executive, to find great voices: in wine, among writers and directors. Terroir = branding = identity of place of origin. Un

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Terroir gives wine it's voice. A writer's terroir is TV
Why are television network executives afraid of wine?
Elitism is not an open club
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