Kris O’Connor is Executive Director of the Central Coast Vineyard Team (CCVT), a non-profit organization formed in 1994 by a progressive group of farmers with a mission to educate and guide growers towards environmentally and economically sustainable farming practices. Now with 300 members representing 80,000 acres throughout the region, the Team is recognized as an industry leader in the area of sustainability and has been a model for other organizations. While the group?s leadership is based in vineyard and winery representatives, they regularly welcome input and guidance from regulatory, academic, environmental, and community leaders.
Since 1996, CCVT has been helping growers assess their farming practices through their award-winning Positive Points System ? a protocol that has been modeled by other regions and the State. This provided the foundati

Great Wines and Healthy Vineyards
Award-Winning Positive Points System
Consistently Producing Authentic Wines
Champagne hotline, run by the Champagne
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