Hayley Tsukayama, a reporter covering consumer technology for The Washington Post, joins Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, for another great episode of PRfect Pitch!

In this episode, Hayley shares how she got her start in journalism and what it took to land a full time role at The Washington Post (hint: work your butt off!). One of her biggest tips for PR pros came at the top of the show: take the time to figure out who I am and make the process as efficient as possible for the both of us. Nicole agrees, saying that when PR professionals put in the effort to get to know the media they’re wanting to work with, it grows your relationship and results in awesome stories that are (1) great for your client, (2) great for the journalist who wrote it, and (3) an awesome end-piece for readers.

Hayley shares more about her work with The Washington Post, including a story about how interesting, smaller-scale pitched turned into a massive story idea that allowed Hayley to travel, meet key sources, and put out a great piece.

Listen to the full episode at the link below to hear more and learn how you can get in touch with Hayley!

Get to know Hayley:
Hayley Tsukayama covers consumer technology for The Washington Post. She writes about all things technology, including policy, gadgets, controversy and trends. A Minnesota native, she joined The Post in 2010 after completing her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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