Thanks for you interest in being a guest on one of wsRadio’s fine shows!

Being a guest on a radio show is a fun and exciting way to increase exposure and build your credibility. A standard guest appearance is also a FREE opportunity. Each of the shows is self producing, so the primary contact would be any show’s producer.

On each show’s main page, you will find an email link. Use that as your primary point of contact.

In addition you are welcome to send emails to The hosts have the ability to look through those submissions.

If you need to call, you can dial the toll free number of the show, while that show is live, and we will relay the message to the host.


866-977-2346 x 1 (Studio A), or x 2 (Studio B)

Tips for Being a Guest:
Today we have the ability to use all media, so use them appropriately.
Print is best for conveying data.
Video is best for teaching through demonstration.
Audio is best for building emotional connections because it is “Theater of the Mind”.

So use your time on the interview to tell stories and explain why they should care. Point them to the resources for the supporting data.

Remember, No One Cares about Your Solution………Unless they have the problem you are solving.
So always start by identifying the problem to get their interest, then explain how you can help.

Marketing today requires content to power social media campaigns. You need content on your website, keyword tagged, for Google searchers to find. So structure your interview, so that each segment has an identifiable theme and target, so you can present it effectively.

PDF Worksheet for preparing for an interview