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What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is the combination of 2 terms, “Broadcasting” and the Apple “iPod”.   Simply stated Podcasting allows users with iPods or MP3 players (not limited to iPod users) to access websites, subscribe to a podcasting stream which automatically downloads the MP3 audio files, either music or talk format, onto their computer.  It is also important to note, that users can access a podcast but do not need either an iPod or an MP3 player to listen.  They can simply listen to the files on their computer.  The other major convenience for users is when they plug their iPod or MP3 player into their computer, their iPod or MP3 is automatically updated.  This saves the manual step of accessing downloadable MP3 files on a web site, right clicking the MP3 file and selecting “Save this File as” option.   

How does it Work?

Technically, Podcasting is the merging of 2 technologies, RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) and downloading MP3s from the internet.   RSS Feeds started with news readers allowing users to download text information from web sites automatically without having to access the sourcing site manually.  An  XML code is generated on the host website which is also known as the Podcasting stream.  Specifically using iTunes, when the user selects the advanced option they can either “open a stream” or “subscribe to podcast” option, as an example the url for the wsRadio Entrepreneur Magazine Radio show is  When you click on that URL, detailed code of the podcasting stream is displayed.  A user simply copies and pasts that URL into the “Open a stream” or “subscribe to a podcast” option.  iTunes then pulls all available MP3 files from our wsRadio site into the iTunes program and when the iPod is connected to the computer, the iPod automatically checks for updates, “mp3 files” not currently on the iPod but new to iTunes, and the new files are automatically downloaded.

Can I do it Myself?

One of the reasons Podcasting is so popular is anyone can do it.  You should first ask yourself what do I want to podcast and who is my target audience.  Doing it for fun is also a good reason.  It can be used to communicate to family and relatives.  

Simple Steps to Podcast Right Away

The first step is to create MP3 Files.  Should you wish to podcast for commercial purposes, sound quality is very important.  Audio production can be sourced out, as an example has a full production studio with a stable of professional voice over talent or if you wish one can voice the audio themselves.  Another option to create your own audio, usually in what is called a “WAV” file and then converted to an MP3 file.  We recommended that the size of the file be at least 64k for talk format and 128 k for music.  The next step is to have a company host your mp3 file which creates its own audio url per mp3 file.  Again, provides hosting services at very competitive rates but their are many mp3 hosting services available.  The file must be downloadable and not a streaming file.  Once you have your MP3 files loaded to a server and you know the specific URL’s, then you need to write the code allowing users to access your podcast.   wsRadio has gone to great lengths to write very sophisticated code compatible with iTunes which also embeds additional information in text format.  We recommend you simply log onto our podcasting page,  Click Here, and copy the code and customize it for your files.  Should you wish to conduct your podcast in talk radio format we invite you to visit site

Test your podcast first!

To test your podcasting stream

Log onto

How to promote your Podcast!

Once you have tested your podcast, you are now ready to promote it.  Log onto iTunes and find the “Submit a Podcast”.  After google search “podcast directories” and manually submit to as many directories as you can.

How to make money with your Podcast

There are several ways to profit from podcasting.  The main key is to attract and build a steady audience.  That is a challenge but if successful, audio commercials can be placed at the beginning and end of each podcast and sold for whatever you can get for them.  If you content is very unique and sought after, some podcasters charge for the access.  Many find that by becoming a popular podcaster in a specific field, it adds to their stature and credibility.  wsRadio is offering podcasting for all of our shows, we suggest you might wish to host a show on, Host a Show on wsRadio   

Additional benefits of Podcasting:

Podcasts you don’t have to wait to hear something that interests you. You choose what you want to listen to. There are now thousands of podcasts and the number is growing rapidly.

Podcasting has leveled the playing field. Anyone with something to say and a desire to say it can create a podcast and publish it to the world.

Podcasters (as they are called) are not restricted by the FCC or traditional broadcast formats and regulations. This allows for numerous subjects and formats.

Podcasting is an escape from the same old, its new, different and exciting

Podcasting is subscribe to.  There is no such thing as podcasting spam like email spam