Chris Figgins is second generation Winemaker at Leonetti Cellar, founded by his father in 1977 paving the way for world-class Merlot and Cabernet wines. Walla Walla appellation lies in eastern Washington in the Columbia Valley in the ‘rain-shadow of the Cascade Mountains’ receiving very little rain, in direct opposite of the coast. Learn about Leonetti Cellar vineyard profiles planted with Merlot compared to Right Bank, Bordeaux-grown Merlot.;
John Schwartz, Founder, Proprietor of Amuse Bouche partnered up with famed artisan winemaker Heidi Barrett to create Napa Valley Merlot fashioned after Right Bank Bordeaux Merlot-dominated red wines. With only 525 cases produced of the current 2007 vintage, thank heaven the economy is in a slump because now a few newcomers can move up the waiting list to receive this one-of-a-kind artistic expression of grape and Napa Valley terroir at $225 p

Merlove in Walla Walla, Washington
Merlove embraces Cult Napa mountain-grown
trained geneticist turned winemaker
crafts Merlove at Crushpadwine
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