A look at the history of inkjet printers and the future, with Justin Joseph of Canon. We discuss comparisons with laser printers;
High end resolution technology – 9600 dpi is happening now; Pima 7600 PRT (pignmet reaction technology) allows outstanding printing on the cheapest of papers… All in one printers are more than single function – it’s several devices in one. A scanner, fax, copier, printer, photo printer all in one device. Flatbed copiers and scanners.;
Gary called in to ask about integrating eBay into his client’s software. Marsha suggested he go to the ebay developers area to find out how to do it. Go to More on Printers: MX850 photo resolution and also an office interface. Wi fi printers are gaining in popularity and Canon will expand to that arena. Interview with Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation”. We talk about some of the fun gadgets that have been invented for niche market His book, “Gadget N

Inkjet Printers: Past and Future
eBay and Software Development
Are we a Gadget Nation?
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